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Unicorn-style proxy in front of multiple app servers. Currently only works with thin.


Copy these files into your app. Make sure your have an OPENREDIS_URL.

Create the following web and app entries in your Procfile:

web: vendor/balancer/bin/web
app: vendor/balancer/bin/app -n 1 -c 'bundle exec thin start --socket %socket%'

How it Works

balancer adds a proxy that will listen as your new web process. Your app will be started as multiple app processes.

=== app: `vendor/balancer/bin/app -n 1 -c 'bundle exec thin start --socket %socket%'`
app.1: up 2013/02/19 13:19:23 (~ 3h ago)
app.2: up 2013/02/19 13:19:23 (~ 3h ago)
app.3: up 2013/02/19 13:19:23 (~ 3h ago)
app.4: up 2013/02/19 13:19:22 (~ 3h ago)
app.5: up 2013/02/19 13:19:27 (~ 3h ago)

=== web: `vendor/balancer/bin/web`
web.1: up 2013/02/19 13:19:04 (~ 3h ago)

You can scale web and app independently.



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