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Port of Merb's dependency system to a Rails plugin

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A port of Merb's dependency system to a Rails plugin.


  1. Install the plugin

    script/plugin install git://
  2. Add the following line to your config/environment.rb

    config.plugins = [:dependencies, :all]
  3. Add the following line to your .gitignore

  4. Create a config/dependencies.rb file that looks like:

    dependency 'gem'
    dependency 'gem', '1.0.1'
    dependency 'gem', :require_as => 'Gem'
    dependency 'gem', :only => %w(test staging)
    dependency 'gem', :except => 'production'
    with_options(:only => 'test') do |test|
      test.dependency 'tester-gem'
  5. Remove or comment out any config.gem lines from config/environment.rb or config/environments/*.rb

  6. Install the gems into your project and keep them up to date using:

    rake dependencies:sync
  7. Alternatively you can use the following rake task to read your existing config.gem declarations and output a file suitable for this plugin. This task will appropriately handle any gems that you are currently loading on a per-environment basis as well.

    rake dependencies:import


Initial idea and Rubygems extension code from Merb

Rewritten for Rails by David Dollar (@ddollar)

Documentation, testing, ideas by Steven Soroka (@ssoroka)

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