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5f5502e May 21, 2016
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0.82.0 (2016-05-21)

  • Fixes #626. Use -m for concurrency when using the export command. [Jori Hardman]
  • Add stop timeout to systemd services [Christian Haase]
  • systemd exporter creates target dependencies via symlinks [Christian Haase]
  • Update systemd exporter to generate instantiated services [Christian Haase]
  • changelog [David Dollar]

0.81.0 (2016-04-26)

  • Revert "Create a new process group when spawning a new process. This should prevent from SIGINT propagating to spawned processes. (#528)" [David Dollar]
  • Fix cleaning up unrelated configuration files (#617) [Per-Henrik Lundblom]

0.80.2 (2016-04-24)

  • fix nil status error [David Dollar]

0.80.1 (2016-04-23)

  • ignore gems [David Dollar]
  • add package dir [David Dollar]

0.80.0 (2016-04-23)

  • Update (#614) [Hernan Y.Ke]
  • Fix Windows crash, caused by read_nonblock (#576) [Igor Antonov]
  • update gems [David Dollar]
  • Propagate process failure [4r2r]
  • update gems [David Dollar]
  • remove win32console dependency [Takumi IINO]
  • Added possible fix for pkg install on El Capitan. (#585) [Jeroen Visser]
  • use proper check to see if file exists (#577) [Mateusz Byczkowski]
  • Allow supervisord environment vars to have "=" (#572) [Stephen Yeargin]
  • Document $PORT and $PS (#562) [Mike Burns]
  • An location -> A location (#543) [Eliot Sykes]
  • Fix signal exception name (#530) [Oleksiy Kovyrin]
  • Make a single thread responsible for handling graceful shutdown (#529) [Oleksiy Kovyrin]
  • Create a new process group when spawning a new process. This should prevent from SIGINT propagating to spawned processes. (#528) [Oleksiy Kovyrin]
  • use the latest bundler [David Dollar]
  • check all the rubies [David Dollar]
  • Revert "test on 2.x releases" [David Dollar]
  • test on 2.x releases [David Dollar]
  • remove dotenv as it's not worth the dependency hell. closes #505, #538 [David Dollar]
  • Port tests to fakefs 0.4 [Antonio Terceiro]
  • add documentation to cli (formation options describtion) (#523) [Leonid Batizhevsky]
  • Replaces 'concurrency' with 'formation' in manpage (#524) [Piers Mainwaring]
  • Work around potential nil $? (#526) [David Zülke]
  • update gems [David Dollar]
  • remove ruby 1.9 support [David Dollar]
  • Update README URLs based on HTTP redirects [ReadmeCritic]
  • Add port to Haskell to README [Daisuke Fujimura]
  • Adds 'Crank' to a port of Foreman to Crystal [arktisklada]
  • fix specs [Pierpaolo Frasa]
  • Fixed erb tags in systemd process.service template. [Tomasz Łoszko]
  • use PartOf [Pierpaolo Frasa]
  • don't stop systemd master target immediately [Pierpaolo Frasa]
  • Add goreman (go port) [Francois]
  • Strip non-quoted whitespace [pik]
  • Procfile#[] return nil for non-existing entries [Simon Rozet]
  • update changeling [David Dollar]

0.78.0 (2015-03-13)

  • remove dotenv as it's not worth the dependency hell [David Dollar]
  • Do not parse options after "run" argument, to avoid conflicts. [Giovanni Bajo]
  • Update docs with --timeout [Stephen Bussey]

0.77.0 (2015-01-01)

  • 0.77.0 [David Dollar]
  • Do not change the output of clean [Łukasz Korecki]
  • Only delete upstart files matching application name. [Łukasz Korecki]
  • Add failling test for case where app.conf and app-worker.conf would be deleted [Łukasz Korecki]
  • Test against Ruby 2.2 on Travis CI [Ryunosuke SATO]
  • Nicer formatting for exported supervisord files [Marc Abramowitz]

0.76.0 (2014-11-25)

  • 0.76.0 [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #501 from dylanegan/tech/update_dotenv [David Dollar]
  • Update dotenv. ✌️ [Dylan Egan]
  • Merge pull request #498 from dgouldin/master [David Dollar]
  • Preventing SIGINT from killing foreman run directly [David Gouldin]
  • see travis.yml [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #495 from formigarafa/patch-4 [David Dollar]
  • Updated Readme [Rafael Santos]
  • testing under latest versions of ruby 2.1 [Rafael Santos]
  • remove noreman and alphabetize, closes #482 [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #481 from formigarafa/patch-1 [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #479 from rrrene/patch-1 [David Dollar]
  • Updated Readme to specify supported ruby 2.1 series [Rafael Santos]
  • Update travis.yml to include ruby 2.1 series [Rafael Santos]
  • added ruby 2.1 series to supported versions [Rafael Santos]
  • Add docs badge to README [René Föhring]
  • update docs [David Dollar]
  • update docs [David Dollar]

0.75.0 (2014-08-27)

  • 0.75.0 [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #478 from sergeyromanov/patch-1 [David Dollar]
  • add Perl port (proclet) [Сергей Романов]
  • Merge pull request #477 from dickeyxxx/windows-compat [David Dollar]
  • prevent windows from crashing on startup [dickeyxxx]
  • Merge pull request #474 from jingweno/patch-1 [David Dollar]
  • Add gaffer [Jingwen Owen Ou]
  • ignore .env [David Dollar]
  • clean up gitignore [David Dollar]
  • update docs [David Dollar]

0.74.0 (2014-06-19)

  • 0.74.0 [David Dollar]
  • fix gemfile.lock [David Dollar]
  • Revert "Merge pull request #461 from nearapogee/master" [David Dollar]
  • use FOREMAN_ for releases [David Dollar]
  • update docs [David Dollar]

0.73.0 (2014-06-19)

  • 0.73.0 [David Dollar]

0.72.0 (2014-06-19)

  • add concurrency example to docs [David Dollar]
  • update docs [David Dollar]

0.71.0 (2014-06-02)

  • 0.71.0 [David Dollar]
  • update release task to do everything [David Dollar]
  • update docs [David Dollar]

0.70.0 (2014-06-02)

  • 0.70.0 [David Dollar]
  • handle interrupts during run [David Dollar]
  • update thor and dotenv [David Dollar]
  • excise jruby [David Dollar]
  • update docs [David Dollar]
  • 0.69.0 [David Dollar]
  • bring all versions into execution parity [David Dollar]
  • remove unused code [David Dollar]
  • expand test coverage [David Dollar]
  • make test more reliable [David Dollar]
  • upgrade rspec [David Dollar]
  • not used [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #461 from nearapogee/master [David Dollar]
  • add logging back into upstart exports. [Matt Smith]
  • fix typo [David Dollar]
  • add code climate test coverage [David Dollar]
  • refactor a bit [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #460 from TiuTalk/add-badges [David Dollar]
  • Add CodeClimate badge [Thiago Belem]
  • Add Travis badge [Thiago Belem]
  • update docs [David Dollar]

0.68.0 (2014-05-22)

  • 0.68.0 [David Dollar]
  • tweak docs [David Dollar]
  • remove jruby [David Dollar]
  • separate development and test gems [David Dollar]
  • tweak bundler args [David Dollar]
  • excise ruby 1.8 and posix-spawn [David Dollar]
  • update travis.yml for builds [David Dollar]
  • fix up specs [David Dollar]
  • updated rspec tests from old should syntax to newer expect syntax [irmiller22]
  • updated RSpec to 2.14 [irmiller22]
  • Merge pull request #454 from kevin-cantwell/master [David Dollar]
  • allows project path to contain spaces [Kevin Cantwell]
  • tweak readme wording [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #444 from seamusabshere/patch-3 [David Dollar]
  • hey Rubyists, don't put foreman in Gemfile [Seamus Abshere]
  • update docs [David Dollar]

0.67.0 (2014-04-24)

  • 0.67.0 [David Dollar]
  • use thor 0.17.0 [David Dollar]
  • update docs [David Dollar]

0.66.0 (2014-04-23)

  • 0.66.0 [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #439 from ssendev/patch-1 [David Dollar]
  • don't fail if chown dir dosn't exist [ssendev]
  • don't fail export if log/run dosn't exist [ssendev]
  • update docs [David Dollar]

0.65.0 (2014-04-23)

  • 0.65.0 [David Dollar]
  • bump and freeze thor [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #438 from phemmer/native_upstart [David Dollar]
  • Clean up upstart export to use native upstart features [Patrick Hemmer]
  • Merge pull request #364 from shokai/replace_PORT_launchd_export [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #368 from avtobiff/remove-taskman-script [David Dollar]
  • Don't make log and run dirs on export [Omar Khan]
  • Merge pull request #395 from brandonhilkert/supervisor-export-env [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #396 from phemmer/systemd-dependencies [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #400 from toooooooby/patch-1 [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #401 from ahawkins/patch-1 [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #421 from JonRowe/test_writable_if_no_chown [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #428 from beeblebrox/fix-process-exec [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #432 from comron/fix-runit-log-permissions [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #433 from charliesome/fix-relative-path [David Dollar]
  • fix changelog [David Dollar]
  • update docs [David Dollar]
  • add an extra ../ when dealing with relative paths [Charlie Somerville]
  • Fix mkdir mode flag when creating runit log directories [Comron Sattari]
  • export: fix systemd dependencies [Patrick Hemmer]
  • Exec process, otherwise only the shell receives signal. [James N. Hart]
  • Test to see if we can already write to chowned dir's if chown fails [Jon Rowe]
  • Use %Q{} to allow commands with quotes [Adam Hawkins]
  • Improve the runit exporter to log with the stderr [TOBY]
  • Quotes the values of ENV in supervisor export to guard against non-numeric values. Fixes #394. [Brandon Hilkert]
  • Remove taskman script [Per Andersson]
  • replace $PORT in launchd export [Sho Hashimoto]

0.64.0 (2014-04-22)

  • 0.64.0 [David Dollar]
  • 0.63.1 [David Dollar]
  • be more specific with dotenv dependency [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #388 from brixen/patch-1 [David Dollar]
  • Update [Brian Shirai]
  • Merge pull request #366 from wfarr/tgz-install-foreman-to-bin [David Dollar]
  • Install tgz/foreman to bin/foreman in tgz package [Will Farrington]
  • Merge pull request #305 from marclennox/master [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #360 from kjwierenga/feature/require-posix-spawn [David Dollar]
  • Fail with an error on Ruby 1.8 when posix-spawn is not present. [Klaas Jan Wierenga]
  • Require and use 'posix/spawn' when running ruby 1.8 without using Foreman.ruby_18? (which is the subject under test). [Klaas Jan Wierenga]
  • Added start-stop-daemon support. [Marc Lennox]
  • Merge pull request #353 from austiniam/master [David Dollar]
  • fixed conflicts [Austin Cherry]
  • modified to use shellescape instead of gsub [Austin]
  • added support for directories with single quotes. fixes #315 [Austin]
  • kill the children, not self [David Dollar]
  • fix docs, thanks to @Invizory [David Dollar]
  • not sure how this snuck in, not in the exporter format [David Dollar]
  • update docs [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #340 from ldmosquera/set_env_var_with_process_name [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #355 from JoeyButler/fix_typo_in_man [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #359 from kjwierenga/feature/make-ruby-18-compatible [David Dollar]
  • The wrapped_command has spaces which triggers Ruby to fork a system shell (with /bin/sh -c). This causes orphaned processes on some systems (i.e. Linux). Fix this by splitting the command using String#shellsplit and using ruby's splat operator (*) to pass discrete arguments to spawn. [Klaas Jan Wierenga]
  • Enable ruby 1.8.7 building on Travis. All specs should pass now on ruby 1.8.7. [Klaas Jan Wierenga]
  • Use POSIX::Spawn to make foreman ruby 1.8 compatible and have all specs passing. [Klaas Jan Wierenga]
  • Use pipe factory method to handle 1.8 incompatible signature for IO.pipe. [Klaas Jan Wierenga]
  • Ruby 1.8 doesn't have the concept of string encodings. Compare to the string as is. [Klaas Jan Wierenga]
  • Merge pull request #294 from bfulton/master [David Dollar]
  • updated systemd export spec after rebasing included 5ef8bbdb [Bright Fulton]
  • Fix typo in manual page. [Joey Butler]
  • Add unit test for PS env var [Leonardo Mosquera]
  • Change FOREMAN_PROCESS_NAME to just PS [Leonardo Mosquera]
  • changelog [David Dollar]
  • fix spec after d4ab495 [Bright Fulton]
  • better default for things which intentionally daemonize child processes, the default KillMode is control-group which survives daemonization [Bright Fulton]
  • rough draft for systemd export support [bfulton]
  • modified to use shellescape instead of gsub [Austin]
  • third time is the charm. :) [Austin]
  • fixes #315 [Austin]
  • added support for directories with single quotes. fixes #315 [Austin]
  • Set FOREMAN_PROCESS_NAME env var for spawned procs [Leonardo Mosquera]

0.63.0 (2013-04-15)

  • Revert "Ensure foreman is the process group leader" [John Griffin]
  • remove posix-spawn dependency as it does not work in jruby 1.7.3 [Andrew Brown & Corey Downing]
  • Replace Foreman::Env with dotenv [Brandon Keepers]
  • [foreman-runner] fix sourcing as . is rarely in PATH [Barry Allard]
  • Fixed specs to pass. [Kentaro Kuribayashi]
  • Permit underscore for command name in Procfile. [Kentaro Kuribayashi]
  • Update man/foreman.1 [Patrick Ellis]
  • Remove tmux option from man page [Donald Plummer]
  • Prevent upstart export from deleting similarly named upstart files [Andy Morris]
  • Add MIT license text [Per Andersson]
  • use "start|stop\ on runlevel [x]" for upstart config [Nick Messick]

0.62.0 (2013-03-08)

  • Merge pull request #334 from ged/reentrant_signal_handlers [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #335 from ged/20_encoding_fix [David Dollar]
  • Try to allow children to shut down gracefully [Michael Granger]
  • Add deferred signal-handling (fixes #332). [Michael Granger]
  • Fix spec encoding problem under Ruby 2.0.0. [Michael Granger]
  • add ruby 2.0 to travis [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #327 from patheticpat/master [David Dollar]
  • Fixed a typo in cli options description [Michael Kaiser]
  • handled by mingw now [David Dollar]

0.61.0 (2013-01-14)

  • Fix bug in color definitons [nseo]
  • Fix for high CPU load when processes close output [Pavel Forkert]
  • Ensure foreman is the process group leader [Christos Trochalakis]
  • Don't ignore blank lines in the output [Matt Venables]
  • Add license to gemspec [petedmarsh]
  • Since JRuby 1.9 doesn't require posix/spawn, only follow that path if JRuby is loaded and running in 1.8 mode. [Adam Hutchison]
  • Remove explicit requirement on rubygems. [Cyril Rohr]
  • Dont use shared_path variable before multistage has a chance at it [Aditya Sanghi]
  • Strip Windows Line Endings [Paul Morton]
  • Fix man page: --directory is actually --root. [Evan Jones]
  • Add timeout switch to CLI [Paulo Luis Franchini Casaretto]
  • Remove expectation of double quotes around environment variables from test comparisons [Kevin McAllister]
  • Remove explicit wrapping of Shellwords.escape in double quotes [Kevin McAllister]

0.60.2 (2012-10-08)

  • Fix for nil value on io select loop, fixes #260 [Silvio Relli]

0.60.1 (2012-10-08)

  • sleep on select() to avoid spinning the cpu [Silvio Relli]

0.60.0 (2012-09-25)

  • foreman run can run things from the Procfile like heroku run. [Dan Peterson]

0.59.0 (2012-09-15)

  • Use /bin/sh instead of bash for foreman-runner [Jeremy Evans]

0.58.0 (2012-09-14)

  • dont set HOME [David Dollar]
  • Add StandardOutPath to launchd export [Aaron Kalin]
  • Add command argument string splitting [Aaron Kalin]
  • Cleanup launchd exporter [Aaron Kalin]
  • Enable trim_mode via '-' in ERB templates [Aaron Kalin]
  • Add support for setting environment variables [Aaron Kalin]
  • foreman run should exit with the same code as its command [Omar Khan]
  • Handle multiline strings in .env file [Szymon Nowak]
  • Use path and env variables in the inittab export [Indrek Juhkam]
  • fixed the directory option [Arnaud Lachaume]
  • Add capistrano export support [Daniel Farrell]

0.57.0 (2012-08-21)

  • fix startup checks for upstart exporter [Aditya Sanghi]

0.56.0 (2012-08-19)

  • read .profile, not .profile.d [David Dollar]

0.55.0 (2012-08-14)

  • use a forked process to exec a run with environment [David Dollar]

0.54.0 (2012-08-14)

  • use Foreman::Process to extract command running [David Dollar]
  • changed to check env for bash [brntbeer]

0.53.0 (2012-07-24)

  • put app root in $HOME [David Dollar]

0.52.0 (2012-07-24)

  • wrap command in a runner that sources .profile.d scripts [David Dollar]
  • fix upstart export specs [David Dollar]
  • Make upstart export start/stop with network [Daniel Farrell]

0.51.0 (2012-07-11)

  • dont try to colorize windows [David Dollar]

0.50.0 (2012-07-11)

  • handle windows [David Dollar]

0.49.0 (2012-07-11)

  • 1.8 compatibility [David Dollar]
  • use one pgroup for all of foreman and kill that since ruby 1.8 sucks at pgroups [David Dollar]
  • better debugging [David Dollar]

0.48.0 (2012-07-10)

  • allow old exporter format to work, but with deprecation warning [David Dollar]
  • remove debugging code [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #219 from MarkDBlackwell/patch-1 [David Dollar]
  • Avoid crash by verifying the existence of SIGHUP before accessing it. [Mark D. Blackwell]
  • allow color to be forced on [David Dollar]
  • terminate gracefully if stdout goes away [David Dollar]
  • always flush output [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #212 from morgoth/added-version-command [David Dollar]
  • added command for displaying foreman version [Wojciech Wnętrzak]
  • Merge pull request #211 from morgoth/fixed-yaml-usage [David Dollar]
  • fixed using YAML [Wojciech Wnętrzak]
  • test on more things, but don't fail [David Dollar]
  • changelog [David Dollar]
  • 0.48.0.pre1 [David Dollar]
  • foreman doesn't work on ruby 1.8, may try to fix later [David Dollar]
  • use bash [David Dollar]
  • massive refactoring for programmatic control and stability [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #164 from hsume2/master [David Dollar]
  • Only run tmux specs if tmux is installed [Henry Hsu]
  • Do not assume BUNDLE_GEMFILE [Henry Hsu]
  • Add support for starting procfile in tmux session [Henry Hsu]

0.47.0 (2012-06-07)

  • Fix multi-word argument handling in foreman run. [Daniel Brockman]
  • Make 'PORT=5000 foreman start' work [Koen Van der Auwera]
  • Terminate gracefully upon SIGHUP [Stefan Schüßler]
  • Set port from .env if specified [Koen Van der Auwera]
  • Updated bluepill exporter to use environment variables from .env [Aneeth]
  • Added launchd exporter [Maxwell Swadling]
  • Quote and escape environment variables in upstart templates [Matt Griffin]
  • Added list of ports to other languages to README [elf Pavlik]

0.46.0 (2012-05-02)

  • Add Profile load/write/append API [Michael Granger]
  • Guard against missing Procfile in engine.rb [Brian Kaney]

0.45.0 (2012-04-26)

  • create and chown log dir in upstart export. [Phil Hagelberg]
  • remove parka from dist files [David Dollar]

0.44.0 (2012-04-23)

  • make var output order repeatable in supervisord export [David Dollar]
  • make --procfile and --app-root influence each other in a more intuitive way [David Dollar]
  • Look for .env and app_root in the same dir as the Procfile. [Phil Hagelberg]

0.43.0 (2012-04-20)

  • wrap supervisord env vars in quotes [Raphael Randschau]

0.42.0 (2012-04-18)

  • Move read_environment to a public class method. [Phil Hagelberg]
  • Drop parka dependency [Phil Hagelberg]
  • add group support for supervisord [Raphael Randschau]
  • fix enviroment export [Raphael Randschau]

0.41.0 (2012-03-16)

  • replace term-ansicolor with built-in colorization [David Dollar]
  • supervisord export template [Raphael Randschau]

0.40.0 (2012-02-24)

  • support various quoting styles in .env [David Dollar]
  • remove load_env! as it's made unnecessary by foreman run [David Dollar]
  • Provide a useful error if foreman check fails to find a Procfile [R. Tyler Croy]
  • update docs [David Dollar]

0.39.0 (2012-02-07)

  • rename bin/runner to bin/foreman-runner [David Dollar]
  • fix tgz release [David Dollar]
  • bundle update hpricot [John Firebaugh]
  • touch up .pkg release tasks [David Dollar]

0.38.0 (2012-02-02)

  • bring back single process starting [David Dollar]
  • more attempts at getting ci working with jruby [David Dollar]
  • ignore .rbenv-version [David Dollar]
  • force to binary encoding if supported [David Dollar]

0.37.2 (2012-01-29)

  • handle directories with spaces in runner [David Dollar]
  • update docs [David Dollar]

0.37.1 (2012-01-29)

  • use binary pipes to better handle UTF-8 data [David Dollar]
  • set up example procfile with UTF-8 item [David Dollar]
  • remove autotest [David Dollar]
  • fix up authors generation [David Dollar]
  • fix up packaging after moving tasks [David Dollar]
  • fix up changelog tasks [David Dollar]

0.37.0 (2012-01-29)

  • put an entire line of output inside a single mutex so we don't cross the streams [David Dollar]
  • fix race condition with process termination [David Dollar]
  • allow external custom exporters [Chris Lowder]
  • fix the test for an empty string in bin/runner [Florian Apolloner]
  • ensure we have non-nil data, fixes #111 [David Dollar]
  • make sure error method exists, fixes #104 [David Dollar]
  • clean up chdir usage [David Dollar]
  • normalize platform names [David Dollar]
  • add windows support [David Dollar]
  • add jruby support [David Dollar]
  • pass basedir along to the runner script [David Dollar]
  • harden runner script [David Dollar]
  • add many missing specs [brainopia]
  • clean up fakefs usage in specs [brainopia]
  • runit creates a full path to export directory. [Fletcher Nichol]

0.36.1 (2012-01-18)

  • 0.36.1 [David Dollar]
  • bump term-ansicolor in gemspec [David Dollar]

0.36.0 (2012-01-17)

  • 0.36.0 [David Dollar]
  • sync the writer stream [David Dollar]
  • capture stderr as well [David Dollar]

0.35.0 (2012-01-16)

  • update rake [David Dollar]
  • 0.35.0 [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #132 from Viximo/feature/concurrency [David Dollar]
  • Fix export specs [Matt Griffin]
  • Merge branch 'master' of into feature/concurrency [Matt Griffin]
  • default process concurrency is 0 when concurrency options specified, otherwise default concurrency is 1 [Michael Dwan]

0.34.1 (2012-01-16)

  • 0.34.1 [David Dollar]
  • fix missing start desc [David Dollar]

0.34.0 (2012-01-16)

  • 0.34.0 [David Dollar]
  • update man page [David Dollar]
  • update docs for -d [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #101 from ndbroadbent/foreman [David Dollar]
  • Wrap around to the first colour when all the colours are used [Craig R Webster]
  • run specs in random order [David Dollar]
  • update rspec [David Dollar]
  • pedantry [David Dollar]
  • Set executable bit on runit run scripts. [Matthijs Langenberg]
  • Merge pull request #114 from gburt/master [David Dollar]
  • add more colors [Gabriel Burt]
  • Added option to specify app_root, if executing a Procfile from a shared location [Nathan Broadbent]

0.33.1 (2012-01-16)

  • 0.33.1 [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #129 from fnichol/resolve-home-template [David Dollar]
  • Expand template path under user's home directory. [Fletcher Nichol]

0.33.0 (2012-01-15)

  • 0.33.0 [David Dollar]
  • Revert "Merge pull request #125 from brainopia/master" [David Dollar]

0.32.0 (2012-01-12)

  • 0.32.0 [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #125 from brainopia/master [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #121 from Viximo/feature/run [David Dollar]
  • Return some whitespace that was accidentally removed [Matt Griffin]
  • Steal the run method back from Thor so that it can be used in place for exec for running commands in the foreman environment. [Matt Griffin]
  • Remove old cruft [brainopia]
  • In case someone wants to use bin/runner directly [brainopia]
  • Fix for double fork [brainopia]
  • Use ruby exec which works with escaped cmd and replaces shell [brainopia]
  • Fix foreman to work with cmds containing pipes and redirects [brainopia]
  • Add "exec" action to allow execution of arbitrary commands with the app's environment. [Matt Griffin]
  • tweak readme [David Dollar]

0.31.0 (2012-01-04)

  • 0.31.0 [David Dollar]
  • make fork more robust [David Dollar]
  • remove unnecessary debug [David Dollar]
  • add more information when shutting down [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #110 from lstoll/master [David Dollar]
  • Use different port ranges for each process type [Lincoln Stoll]

0.30.1 (2011-12-23)

  • 0.30.1 [David Dollar]
  • require thread for mutex [David Dollar]

0.30.0 (2011-12-22)

  • 0.30.0 [David Dollar]
  • compatibility with ruby 1.8 [David Dollar]

0.29.0 (2011-12-22)

  • 0.29.0 [David Dollar]
  • 0.28.0.pre2 [David Dollar]
  • fix pipe error [David Dollar]
  • 0.28.0.pre1 [David Dollar]
  • Merge branch 'fork' [David Dollar]
  • wip [David Dollar]
  • wip [David Dollar]
  • wip [David Dollar]
  • wip [David Dollar]
  • wip [David Dollar]

0.27.0 (2011-12-05)

  • 0.27.0 [David Dollar]
  • add changelog [David Dollar]
  • Merge pull request #103 from csquared/load_env_from_irb [David Dollar]
  • refactor load_env to apply_environment [Chris Continanza]
  • rename load! to load_env! [Chris Continanza]
  • use ./.env as default [Chris Continanza]
  • load contents from env file [Chris Continanza]
  • refactor engine to expose env methods [Chris Continanza]
  • disable email notifications [David Dollar]
  • add travis config [David Dollar]

0.26.1 2011-12-05

  • Merge pull request #103 from csquared/load_env_from_irb [David Dollar]
  • refactor load_env to apply_environment [Chris Continanza]
  • rename load! to load_env! [Chris Continanza]
  • use ./.env as default [Chris Continanza]
  • load contents from env file [Chris Continanza]
  • refactor engine to expose env methods [Chris Continanza]
  • disable email notifications [David Dollar]
  • add travis config [David Dollar]
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