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+## 0.61.0 (2013-01-14)
+* 0.61.0 [David Dollar]
+* Fix bug in color definitons [nseo]
+* Fix for high CPU load when processes close output [Pavel Forkert]
+* Ensure foreman is the process group leader [Christos Trochalakis]
+* Don't ignore blank lines in the output [Matt Venables]
+* Add license to gemspec [petedmarsh]
+* Since JRuby 1.9 doesn't require posix/spawn, only follow that path if JRuby is loaded and running in 1.8 mode. [Adam Hutchison]
+* Remove explicit requirement on rubygems. [Cyril Rohr]
+* Dont use shared_path variable before multistage has a chance at it [Aditya Sanghi]
+* Strip Windows Line Endings [Paul Morton]
+* Fix man page: --directory is actually --root. [Evan Jones]
+* Add timeout switch to CLI [Paulo Luis Franchini Casaretto]
+* Remove expectation of double quotes around environment variables from test comparisons [Kevin McAllister]
+* Remove explicit wrapping of Shellwords.escape in double quotes [Kevin McAllister]
## 0.60.2 (2012-10-08)
* Fix for nil value on io select loop, fixes #260 [Silvio Relli]

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