Heroku::Client#deprecate is deprecated #37

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thanks for this gem, it is exactly what i was looking for.

having updated to using the heroku toolbelt from whatever heroku gem i was using before, i am getting this deprecation:

$ heroku accounts:add eric --auto
   [ lots of output]
Adding entry to ~/.ssh/config
Adding public key to Heroku account: econnally@gmail.com
 !    DEPRECATED: Heroku::Client#deprecate is deprecated, please use the heroku-api gem.
 !    DEPRECATED: More information available at https://github.com/heroku/heroku.rb
 !    DEPRECATED: Deprecated method called from /usr/local/heroku/lib/heroku/client.rb:214.

$ heroku --version
heroku-toolbelt/2.30.2 (universal-darwin11.0) ruby/1.8.7

$ ruby --version
ruby 1.9.3p0 (2011-10-30 revision 33570) [x86_64-darwin11.2.0]
geemus commented Aug 9, 2012

@econnally - thanks for the info. The deprecation message there is slightly mistaken, add_key is the deprecated method. It is no longer used inside the gem, but it seems heroku-accounts still uses it. I'll update things to sync up just shortly.

@geemus geemus added a commit that closed this issue Aug 9, 2012
@geemus geemus use heroku-api for key add
closes #37
@geemus geemus closed this in dcb1a3a Aug 9, 2012

@geemus - great, and thanks again for the plugin, it is really handy

geemus commented Aug 9, 2012

@econnally - sure thing, just let me know if you run into any other issues.

@jasonkuhrt jasonkuhrt referenced this issue in pedro/heroku-mongo-sync Sep 17, 2012

Deprecation warning #10

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