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Command-line package manager for textmate

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I have switched to vim and no longer use this. If anyone would like to take over maintenance, please feel free to fork and I'll provide a link here.


A binary that provides package management for TextMate.


gem install ddollar-textmate


$ textmate install javascript

Please select a bundle from the following list:

1. Javascript

2. JavaScript
3. JavaScript Flash
4. JavaScript JSDoc
5. JavaScript MooTools
6. JavaScript Objective-J
7. JavaScript Prototype & Script_aculo_us
8. JavaScript YUI
9. JavaScript jQuery

Which bundle would you like to install? 1

Please select a repository from the following list:

1. subtleGradient/javascript.tmbundle                 watchers:16  updated:2009-04-29
2. textmate/javascript.tmbundle                       watchers:6   updated:2009-06-09
3. rdougan/javascript.tmbundle                        watchers:2   updated:2009-01-28
4. cohitre/javascript-tmbundle                        watchers:1   updated:2009-01-29

Which repository would you like to install? 1

Javascript bundle installed

Reloading bundles...


textmate [COMMAND] [*PARAMS]

Textmate bundles are automatically reloaded after install or uninstall operations.

List available remote bundles

textmate search [SEARCH]

List all of the available bundles in the remote repository, optionally filtering by search.

List installed bundles

textmate list [SEARCH]

List all of the bundles that are installed on the local system, optionally filtering by search.

Installing new bundles

textmate install NAME

Installs a bundle from a remote repository.

Available remote bundle locations are:

  • Macromates Trunk
  • Macromates Review
  • GitHub

Uninstalling bundles

textmate uninstall NAME

Uninstalls a bundle from the local repository.

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