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  • implement more commands
  • aliases
  • compile expressions inside expressions - map(data, value+1); or should i just use coffee?

Nits and Nuance

  • for 'process' if 'data' is mutated, that should be considered the return value. Thus "data.version++" works, and "fn_of(data)" works as well
  • unify 'run' + 'process' - if 'data' is not referenced, then don't bother reading input.
  • pluck should support the dot notation "field1.field2"

Add Some Serious Fancy

  • add the 'summarize' command. With the new Formatter class, we are 1/2way there
  • add the 'compile' magikness - flow a magic value through a bash pipe chain and emit a full JS script out the other side that does what the one-liner did


  • Implement 'underscore help strict' and 'underscore help json' that display detailed info on data input / output
  • compatibility grid for data formats


  • convert to pure-JS under Mocha
  • add tests for file input / output, and various formats

Data Formats

  • npm module (filename only) - can this be autodetected?
  • recursive directory of JSON
  • XML


  • Fancy - custom formatter that does smart-whitespace
  • Nuance - autodetect CoffeeScript
  • Docs - examples for data formats
  • Nuance - eliminate --nowrap.
  • Nuance - proper line numbers in template errors
  • Docs - (autogenerated)
  • Docs - colorize help - with WHITE for bolding
  • Docs - autogenerate from a template and the command-line help output
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