Library to create virtual network connections via tox
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LibToxTun is a library that provides an easy way to set up a virtual network connection via TOX. The goal is to make the use of the connection for the user completely configuration free and by doing so to provide a simple way to share files, play games, use printers etc. It's done by setting up a tap interface and sending all data through TOX via its API.

You can find a qTox client with added support for libToxTun here.

At the moment, one to one connections on Linux and Windows are supported. (Other Unix systems may work as well, but aren't tested yet.) When connecting, an IPv4 subnet is picked, that is unused on both ends. Then one client gets assigned 192.168.x.1, the other one 192.168.x.2. On Windows, admin privileges may be needed to assign the IPv4.

Next planned features

  • Group connection support
  • Performance improvements
  • Support for more platforms

Usage notes


You need a kernel with tun support (ether build in or as module "tun"). Since the library needs to set up the tun interface, it needs either to by run as root (NOT recommended) or with the CAP_NET_ADMIN capability set. To do so, run sudo setcap cap_net_admin=ep FOO replacing FOO with your aplication.


For windows, you need the tuntap driver of the openvpn project, found here (look for Tap-windows), and at least one unused virtual device.