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Universal Basic Income Tax Spreadsheet for New Zealand

Model a New Zealand Universal Basic Income funded through income taxes and savings form current social spending.

This spreadsheet uses the method for modelling changes to personal tax rates described on this page at the New Zealand Treasury.


  • Set income rates for the current tax brackets and an optional $150000+ bracket.
  • Set Adult and Child Universal Basic Incomes and populations.
  • Get individual bet income, real tax rates, and difference from status quoe for gross personal incomes up to $250000.
  • Get Government Revenue estimates from the changes, and balance them against savings.
  • Automatically adjusts savings from the pension based on the adult UBI to keep pensioners income at the current level. (Or you can override it).


I'm not qualified in anything related to this stuff. Actually it's worse, I'm a computer programmer and we're supposed to be better than spreadsheets.

UBI are a way bigger change for this model to take into account of all the effects. It's really just there to give an idea how it would be affordable.

If you know stats or economics or whatever, feel free to tell me what I've done wrong.

Pull requests welcome.

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