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Builds a standalone m68k GCC cross compiler, based on bebbo's amiga-gcc script

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m68k elf gcc

The GNU C-Compiler with Binutils and other useful tools for cross development

This is a Makefile based approach to build the toolchain to reduce the build time.

Right now these tools are build:

  • binutils
  • gcc with libs for C/C++/ObjC
  • vasm
  • vbcc
  • vlink
  • newlib

Short Guide



sudo apt install make git gcc g++ lhasa libgmp-dev libmpfr-dev libmpc-dev flex gettext texinfo

Windows with Cygwin

Install cygwin via setup.exe and add wget. Then open cygwin shell and run:

install apt-cyg /bin
apt-cyg install gcc-core gcc-g++ python git perl-Pod-Simple gperf patch automake make makedepend bison flex libncurses-devel python-devel gettext-devel libgmp-devel libmpc-devel libmpfr-devel

Windows with MSYS2/MinGW

Install then open the shell and run:

pacman -S vim git tar unzip bison texinfo gettext libtool autoconf automake gcc make wget patch rsync flex ncurses-devel

Download needed source files

git clone
cd m68k-elf-toolchain
make update


make help


make help            display this help
make info            print prefix and other flags
make all             build and install all
make <target>        builds a target: binutils, gcc, vasm, vbcc, vlink, libgcc, newlib
make clean           remove the build folder
make clean-<target>  remove the target's build folder
make clean-prefix    remove all content from the prefix folder
make update          perform git pull for all targets
make update-<target> perform git pull for the given target
make info            display some info

display which targets can be build, you'll mostly use *make all *make clean *make clean-prefx


The default prefix is /opt/m68k-elf. You may specify a different prefix by adding PREFIX=yourprefix to make command. E.g.

make all PREFIX=/opt/m68k

If building using MSYS2/MinGW windows paths can be specified as follows.

make all PREFIX=c:/m68k-elf


make all PREFIX=c:\\m68k-elf


Simply run make all. Also add -j to speedup the build.

make clean
make clean-prefix
date; make all -j3 >&b.log; date


Builds a standalone m68k GCC cross compiler, based on bebbo's amiga-gcc script






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