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A library and a user-interface (called 'KosLookup') that will provide the ability to check if a pilot in EVE is 'kill on sight' in Providence or not.

Simply type 'xxx' and drag and drop a pilot's name into a chat window that this tool is monitoring, and the pilot will be looked up on to see if they're Kill on Site or not.

Release version:

Jerub's Beta version:

Dave Drouin's fork of Jerub's Beta version that supports running on Linux with sounds. Additional requirements for playing sounds on Linux (installing audiolab):

sudo apt-get install libsndfile-dev python-numpy cython git clone cd audiolab python install --user

Then run providing the location for the chat logs and a sound to play when a KOS player is present.

python -c ~/EVE/logs/Chatlogs/ -s /usr/share/sounds/gnome/default/alerts/bark.ogg