An example fw/1 application with secure authentication and session management functions
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FW/1 Secure Authentication Example

This project is an example fw/1 application with secure authentication and session management functions as follows:

  • Based on basic example fw/1 application
  • Uses subsystems for separation of concerns, securing only the 'admin' subsystem
  • Includes a SecurityService component that has encryption, decryption, hashing, password generation and session management code
  • Includes a security controller for managing session and request scope session management within the 'admin' subsystem
  • Uses cookies and object cache for session management
  • Includes HMAC protection for session cookies to help prevent tampering
  • Rotates the session id on each request and utilizes form tokenization to help prevent CSRF
  • Federates the login with a cookie and referrer requirement
  • Protects the users password from disclosure with SHA-384 hashing during login
  • Stores user data in encrypted format in the database
  • Default CBC/PKCS5Padding defined for encryption algorithms
  • Includes HTTP security headers designed to reduce attack surface
  • Uses keyring stored on disk to load encryption keys instead of hard-coded in the Application.cfc
  • Includes functions for reading, writing and generating a random keyring file
  • Includes functions for checking for, adding, removing and importing blocked IP's
  • Includes functions for checking for, adding, removing and importing watched IP's
  • Managing watched/blocked IPs by catching common parameter tampering/sql injection attacks
  • Added optional addDate true/false parameter to uberHash function to append the current date to the input value on hash
  • Added 'dummy' cookies for the purpose of further obfuscating which cookie is used for session management
  • Added repeatable form encryption for ajax populated and javascript selected form fields
  • Added BaseBean with convenience functions for populating primary key data and CSRF fields in urls and forms (respectively)
  • Added page caching and flushing capabilities added for static views (for NVCFUG Preso) - use url param flushCache to flush
  • NEW! Added fw1 environment control and check for the prod (production) environment before running IP watching or blocking routines

This code was put together for the ColdFusion: Code Security Best Practices presentation by Denard Springle at NCDevCon 2015 and is a good basic starting point if you need to create a secure application using fw/1.

This code has since been expanded multiple times to include additional functionality not shown during the initial presentation. More details on how (and why) these security functions work and are important can be gleaned from reading the ColdFusion Security documents on CFDocs and from reviewing the SecurityService.cfc in /model/services/ which has been expanded for content.


  • Adobe ColdFusion 11+
  • Lucee 4.5+


  1. Drop the code into your favorite CFML engine's webroot OR install using CommandBox using the command box install fw1-sa
  2. Create a database and generate the user database table (MSSQL SQL provided in the 'database' folder)
  3. Create a datasource for your database in your CFML engine's admin
  4. Configure an object cache, if one is not already defined (Railo/Lucee)
  5. Modify encryption keyring location and master key in Application.cfc
  6. Modify cookieName and timeoutSession variables in Application.cfc
  7. Browse to webroot and enjoy!


You can view this code live at

Other implementations

Bugs and Feature Requests

If you find any bugs or have a feature you'd like to see implemented in this code, please use the issues area here on GitHub to log them.


This project is actively being maintained and monitored by Denard Springle. If you would like to contribute to this example please feel free to fork, modify and send a pull request!


This project utilizes the free open source MVC CFML (ColdFusion) framework Framework One (fw/1) by Sean Corfield.


The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the Apache Software License 2.0 (