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Docker Recipes


Just a collection of more interesting recipes.


Fedora with an X Window System

I use this on the very odd occasion, when I want a Linux container that has a full Desktop Environment, so that I can test/check something in isolation. There's a few ideas out there on the best way to do this. I used Xvfb and VNC, as I wanted something that didn't depend on XQuartz in the Mac.

If you're on a Mac/OS X/Mac OS, don't bother installing a specific VNC client, just open Screen Sharing, and Connect To localhost:5901. The password will be letmein, which you can change in the Dockerfile.

Also, the Desktop Environment I'm using is xfce. You can change the package @xfce-desktop-environment in the Dockerfile to be your favourite. I had issues with Gnome, but KDE worked first shot.

To Build and Run

$ docker build -t you/fedora-gui .
$ docker run -it --rm -v $HOME/wherever/docker_swap:/docker_swap -p you/fedora-gui

Alpine Linux with a JRE

This is just a minimal stripped down linux base image, that includes JRE.

To Build and Run

$ docker build -t you/alpine-min .
$ docker run -u 0 -it --rm -v $HOME/wherever/docker_swap:/docker_swap -P you/alpine-min

I am running an sshd in the container (bit weird I know). You can expose the port when you docker run, or if you have used -P as in the example above, you can find out the port that ssh has been exposed out to via $ docker ps or $ docker port containerName 22, and then you can ssh in with ssh developer@localhost -p 32774 (using 32774 as an example).

For a while I was installing the Openshift Origin Client, just to try out the 'Next Gen' platform but I'm not sure if this still works, so I have commented this out (it was awesome btw)!

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