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Swift 3 distribution test for open-source libraries.
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What is this?

Each Swift project in this repository uses a different package manager to satisfy dependency on the same library. A successful build of a project indicates the library's support for the manager is working.

A Makefile is included to help automate the building process.

Who can benefit from this?

Author of an open-source Swift 3 library. The library is distributed with any combination of CocoaPods, Carthage and Swift Package Manager. They want to ensure supports for them keep working throughout development.

How does it work?

  1. Download this project either directly or via git clone.

  2. Specify the library to test. Three things about the library is required: its name, git URL and a major version number. The script customize takes these and inject them to each test projects. To test Just, for example:

    ./customize --name Just --git "" --major 0
  3. Run make. This will build projects for each aforementioned package manager by fetching the library and import it for various platforms that Xcode/Swift supports. There's a make command for each package manager/platform combination as well. For example, you can run make test-integration-carthage-tvOS.

  4. Make this part of your library's continuous integration. Do step 1-3 as part of continoues integration script. Better yet, include it as part of your library structure. The make commands are going to be handy.

Does it work for your library?

There are a few assumptions for the library being tested: it must have a consistent name for the framework file (Just.framework) and import symbol (import Just) on all platforms. So if the packager buildJust-tvOS.framework but user writes import Just in their code, that won't work.

Out of the box, all three package managers (CocoaPods, Carthage, Swift Package Manager) and four platforms (iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS) are tested.

Swift package manager projects tests against a major version number.

If your library can't fit in any of these assumptions, update it, or manually edit content of projects here for your needs (don't forget to update the Makefile as well, it's pretty straight forward). Examples:

  • if you don't support Carthage, delete the Carthage folder and related contents in Makefile.
  • if you don't support watchOS, open both Example in Xcode and delete the watchOS target. Then deleted everything related to watchOS in the Makefile.
  • If your library get build to a name other than its import symbol, remove the pre-existing ones from the Xcode projects and add them manually.
  • If you need to target a minor version number, add it in SPM/Package.swift.
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