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This Android mobile app will keep the user up-to-date (urf-to-date) on what is happening now in URF Mode!

Things can change quickly in League of Legends. In URF Mode, things change VERY quickly!

This app will keep the user up to date on what Trending Now in the categories :

  • Most Played
  • Highest Win Rate
  • Highest Ban Rate
  • (Only was able to get 3 done, but the list can go on and on.)

What to do in the Future:

  • Track Summoners on their URF matches.
  • Notify the user with push notifications letting them know someone they are following just won/lost.
  • Log in with your accounf and talk to friends.

The app is in working condition but still need tweaking. Images below are from a running app and are not comps.

APK is on github if you would like to run it on an android device.

Wish I had more time to work on this. Thanks for the Competition!

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Alt text

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