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A Racket interpreter written in Python
Python Racket
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Inspired by my Fundamentals of Computer Science 1 course, this is a Racket interpreter written in Python. To be more precise, it is an ISL (Intermediate Student Language) interpreter with the addition of begin and display.

This code is still extremely experiment but is functional. As an example of what works, the below code runs properly in racython with the same result as in Racket:

(define-struct leaf [val])
(define-struct node [left val right])
;;; A [WeightedTreeOf X] is one of:
;;;   - (make-leaf X)
;;;   - (make-node [WeightedTreeOf X] X [WeightedTreeOf X])
;;; Interpretation: Everything to the left the center val is less
;;;                 than it and everything to the right is greater.

;;; [WeightedTreeOf X] X -> Boolean
(define wtree-contains? (lambda (wtree x)
  (cond [(leaf? wtree) (equal? x (leaf-val wtree))]
        [(equal? x (node-val wtree)) #true]
        [(< x (node-val wtree))
         (wtree-contains? (node-left wtree) x)]
        [else (wtree-contains? (node-right wtree) x)])))
(define t2.L (make-node (make-leaf 2) 3 (make-leaf 4)))
(define t2.R (make-node (make-leaf 6) 7 (make-leaf 8)))
(define t3 (make-node t2.L 5 t2.R))

(check-expect (wtree-contains? (make-leaf 5) 5) #true)
(check-expect (wtree-contains? (make-leaf 5) 6) #false)
(check-expect (wtree-contains? t3 5) #true)
(check-expect (wtree-contains? t3 2) #true)
(check-expect (wtree-contains? t3 3) #true)
(check-expect (wtree-contains? t3 4) #true)
(check-expect (wtree-contains? t3 6) #true)
(check-expect (wtree-contains? t3 7) #true)
(check-expect (wtree-contains? t3 8) #true)
(check-expect (wtree-contains? t3 9) #false)

For more examples, see

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