An eclipse editor for asciidoctor files
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Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

In a nutshell

This an eclipse plugin for editing asciidoctor files


  • Vertical or horizontal splitted Text and Preview on same Editor
  • Syntax highlighting in Text Editor (Colors can be customized, defaults for dark themes exists too)
  • Preview panel is same output as generated HTML by ascii doctor (so WYSIWYG)
  • Preview panel immediately updated on text save

For more information

Plugin developers

How to build this plugin ?


  • call git clone
  • open a shell and go into eclipse-asciidoctor-editor folder
  • call gradlew eclipse
  • After this is done open your eclipse and import ALL existing eclipse projects from eclipse-asciidoctor-editor into your workspace


  • Gradle parts are only used for automated testing
  • To build the editor plugin, please open "asciidoctor-editor-updatesite/site.xml" with eclipse site editor and build Editor feature by pressing "Build" button inside.

Execute (development phase)

  • Simply start as Eclipse Application by a new launch configuration in eclipse


Eclipse asciidoctor editor is under Apache 2.0 license (

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