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Jenkins Editor Logo

Java CI with Gradle

In a nutshell

This is a eclipse plugin to edit jenkins files named as Jenkinsfile . See for more information about syntax etc.

Installation by eclipse marketplace

It is available at


  • Syntax highlighting (customizable) + default colors for dark theme
  • Outline + Quick outline (CTRL + o)
  • Simple groovy syntax validation (local)
  • Validate by Jenkins Linter (remote)
  • Bracket switching (CTRL + p)
  • Block commenting (CTRL + 7)
  • ...

More information

Please look at for more information /documentation.

Plugin developers

How to build this plugin ?


  • Checkout EGradle projects in same Workspace (as dependency for plugin development)
  • Checkout Jenkins Editor projects


  • Gradle parts are only used for automated testing
  • To build the editor plugin, please open "jenkins-editor-updatesite/site.xml" with eclipse site editor and build Jenkins editor feature by pressing "Build" button inside.


  • Simply start as Eclipse Application by a new launch configuration in eclipse


Jenkins Editor is under Apache 2.0 license (

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