@de-luxe de-luxe released this Jun 25, 2017 · 1 commit to master since this release

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Download burstcoin-faucet-0.3.7-SNAPSHOT.zip
Setup https://github.com/de-luxe/burstcoin-faucet/blob/master/faucet.default.properties
MD5 1544B67E6FE4109E49D0CC98EA4362A1
SHA-1 50F230110DF4BD45B13328ED6FFF26AFDE372BA6
SHA-256 B4B5BF1E9720AC33707140F3F7075F01D05B9150B3BBD1BA55FC3A6905061BA5


  • configure amount of claims shown in stats via 'burstcoin.faucet.statsAmountOfClaimsToShow'
  • updated lib versions of spring-boot and recaptcha
  • handle exception on recaptcha validation problems due google server

@de-luxe de-luxe released this May 13, 2017 · 2 commits to master since this release

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Download burstcoin-faucet-0.3.6-RELEASE.zip
Setup https://github.com/de-luxe/burstcoin-faucet/blob/master/faucet.default.properties
MD5 886734E2B4F6AEB18A887BC27AD87D89
SHA-1 23FB0CAE0D56802206F91E0FBBD81CBB042BB953
SHA-256 0D83FC3BAD576E0F9B65DAC1D70912CDC7ED43F04CE97E70D3B2B992FFF7920C


  • added option to limit claims per account, to prevent faucet run dry all the time.
    e.g. add 'maxClaimsPerAccount=1' to faucet.properties, to only allow one claim.
  • added info on dry faucet

@de-luxe de-luxe released this Sep 30, 2016 · 6 commits to master since this release

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Download burstcoin-faucet-0.3.5-SNAPSHOT.zip
Setup https://github.com/de-luxe/burstcoin-faucet/blob/master/faucet.default.properties
MD5 25D6B0D920E072FF090C7E32C7B54546
SHA-1 CBF03304AB95F54971AB39E10898D368EBC16B7C
SHA-256 0983A18771B7E859FFDA0B742035C21EC5BB0B384069DA7018461DCD91B18403

There were serious issues on updating the stats, particularly with faucet accounts that did a lot of transactions already ... so some improvements where needed.


  • added a init page, that is shown on faucet startup and while initial loading stats
  • added translation: id (Please help and provide additional translations)
  • updating stats in background thread and not on opening faucet-page.
  • stats are now updated but not totally reloaded, interval can be specified in properties.
  • connectionTimeout adjustable via properties
  • donating account min. amount (to be listed) is now adjustable via properties.

@de-luxe de-luxe released this Sep 11, 2016 · 8 commits to master since this release

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Download burstcoin-faucet-0.3.4-RELEASE.zip
Setup https://github.com/de-luxe/burstcoin-faucet/blob/master/faucet.default.properties
MD5 94CFAFDD23D0B7675DE50C9DC658A36A
SHA-1 6273D36F898BCEE94D8854E9076FD6A44AC03BE4
SHA-256 6D3AF79EF59440840E80324681D8658925D9A18B1ABFFF668B1A4A8A28B4FC69


  • added translations: it, nl (Please help and provide additional translations)
  • improved loading of stats to prevent connection timeout
  • build distribution via script

@de-luxe de-luxe released this Aug 15, 2016 · 12 commits to master since this release

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Download burstcoin-faucet-0.3.3-RELEASE.zip
Setup https://github.com/de-luxe/burstcoin-faucet/blob/master/faucet.default.properties
MD5 65619B5088C44AE11A01A0C4E2C8D70A
SHA-1 168DD76AE75792DE3413D31CA8A1F250D026BD16
SHA-256 E75CDDA74AE7323818AF4CA23E169D691353C268CB3555FE3DA59D2C9560438C


  • added translations: nb, nn, ru, tl, tr (Please help and provide additional translations)
  • Supports '/burst?requestType=getMiningInfo' for monitoring faucet wallet
  • Optional Google Analytics support

@de-luxe de-luxe released this Aug 10, 2016 · 18 commits to master since this release

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Download burstcoin-faucet-0.3.2-RELEASE.zip
Setup https://github.com/de-luxe/burstcoin-faucet/blob/master/faucet.default.properties
MD5 26A354C7BDAA89A421E95DE1BC4147DC
SHA-1 93D68C056804BA1EF5CD6EB33D1177F3038E77AE
SHA-256 1E7BB12454D3B92AC83EDC17EDD40634642A88F6BFC7CF6024E1AF34BACBB37B


  • added multi language support, currently (en, de, fr, es, pt, pt_BR) supported
    (Please help and provide additional translations)
  • some minor changes and code cleanup
Aug 10, 2016
- fixed typo, added translation credits;
- new version 0.3.1-SNAPSHOT
Aug 10, 2016
- UTF-8 encoding bugfix
- added Portugues translated by JohnathanMoura

@de-luxe de-luxe released this Jun 24, 2016 · 29 commits to master since this release

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Download burstcoin-faucet-0.2.1-RELEASE.zip
Setup https://github.com/de-luxe/burstcoin-faucet/blob/master/faucet.default.properties
MD5 1EBB11A58CE7E3C37DA0FCB9B9DF7046
SHA-1 0DDAB1A31C6CDA7FA1483C3EB49ED610E6390B58
SHA-256 DC7F9844C7B6538FC802DBCA9CA5901E374BAFA89FF2481FE1CA6BE6C577D15C


  • added cookie abuse protection
  • better input error handling
  • fixed css issues for e.g. chrome

@de-luxe de-luxe released this Jun 17, 2016 · 34 commits to master since this release

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Download burstcoin-faucet-0.2.0-RELEASE.zip
Setup https://github.com/de-luxe/burstcoin-faucet/blob/master/faucet.default.properties
MD5 46839833963C82EEEA63C5B1D11B7390
SHA-1 507EF3F34592409B4E589F40F083CB0E199A62D0
SHA-256 9CE8113FCBA08B249BF4440CBC771F9A16E88D2D52AE9E7023B3AF1F9699F30C



  • Claim interval and amount adjustable
  • Abuse protected via recaptcha + account and IP-tracking
  • Simple stats about donations and claims
  • Easy to run with included standalone tomcat server.
  • Easy adjustable in 'static/css' and 'templates' (treat the jar like archive and edit html/css under resources)


  • Java8
  • recaptcha keys


  • create/edit 'faucet.properties' (e.g. rename faucet.default.properties)
  • execute 'java -jar burstcoin-faucet-0.2.0-RELEASE.jar' or start via included run script.
  • access via configured url in 'faucet.properties'