Start living DRM-free. Take a detour!
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Take a detour!


We as a team shared a common problem: playing Spotify® music. The music files are protected by a controversial technology called Encrypted Media Extensions. This DRM technique limits a user's freedom. One will find it difficult to use DRM-protected contents in Firefox and its variants.

Therefore, we put together De-tour during DubHacks 2017. De-tour is a web crawler that finds non-DRM media by looking up meta search engines, Internet archives, and crowd funding platforms. It automates the complicated search process for DRM-free media.


To use De-tour, first you need to create a virtual environment using Python 3 and activate it.

# create a virtual environment
mkdir detour-venv
cd detour-venv
python3 -m venv .
# activate the virtual environment
source ./bin/activate

If you are on Windows Command Prompt, you need a different command to activate the virtual environment. The last line should be replaced with the following command.


Make sure you activate the virtual environment. Now, clone the source code and then install the dependencies.

git clone
cd detour
pip install -r requirements.txt

Troubleshooting: if you ran into a compilation error saying <Python.h> was not found, then you may have to install the Python 3 header files. On Debian-based GNU/Linux system, run the following command.

sudo apt install python3-dev

On Windows, you may have to follow the URL mentioned in the error message to install the compilers provided by Microsoft.


Make sure you activate the virtual environment. Then run the following commands.

chmod +x

Now you should be able to see the landing page at

Landing page

Status of this project

At DubHacks, we put together De-tour in literally 24 hours. De-tour is a working prototype but not yet a finished program. We will continue working on this free software. We as a team are going to make De-tour more accessible and more efficient.


Project Owner: Flynn <put_my_github_id_here [at]>