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update for spec 1.5 #19

merged 13 commits into from Apr 27, 2012

2 participants

robey commented Apr 27, 2012

(this is on top of the disassembler branch.)

Robey Pointer added some commits Apr 25, 2012
Robey Pointer break out disassembler into its own file. refactored it a lot. 4be20de
Robey Pointer Merge remote-tracking branch 'denull/master' into disasm
Robey Pointer merge denull's new disasm work into the refactored disasm. 6eef97d
Robey Pointer fix bug in parsing constants. ed6a281
Robey Pointer BRK moved. :) bef5f6f
Robey Pointer add keyboard support. 77ed4f0
Robey Pointer fix imported-font format to match the current spec. ff84e60
Robey Pointer make sure to always disassemble starting from every target. as a bonu…
…s, decode BRA now too.
Robey Pointer allow space to work. 3964a3d
Robey Pointer don't get hardware report negative numbers. 505ceda
Robey Pointer support byte-packed strings as p"…". c83e05f
Robey Pointer update for spec 1.5.
- conditions can be chained now
- a bunch of binary ops moved (doh)
- added: HCF, MDI, STD
- renamed: MVI -> STI, SUX -> SBX
- did not implement the extra interrupt modes yet
Robey Pointer fix parameter decoding bug in macros. 0fe981f
@deNULL deNULL merged commit 0fe981f into deNULL:master Apr 27, 2012
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