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An experiment in accessing PDFKit via ctypes.
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ctypes-pdfkit - An experiment in accessing PDFKit via ctypes.

Do not confuse the presence of a README for an indication that this code is production worthy or even particularly useful.

Apple includes a sophisticated PDF manipulation API with Mac OS X, called PDFKit [1]. This repo includes some experimental code that illustrates how to access it using the ctypes FFI in Python.

It's worth noting that it is also straightforward to use PDFKit via the PyObjC bridge. If you're seriously interested in using PDFKit via Python in a production-level system, you will probably be better off using that.

Sample Usage

import sys
from pdfkit import PDFDocument

with NSAutoreleasePool():
    doc = PDFDocument.from_path(sys.argv[1])
    attrs = doc.send('documentAttributes')
    for a, b in attrs.items():
        print a, b
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