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Static Site Generator

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Static site generator is a toy of mine, since many python static blog generators are pretty large, and intimidating. This is an exercise to make a simple framework for static site generation. On top of this a blog engine has been written.

Static Site Generator basics

In its most basic form Static Site Generator (hereafter ssg), takes a bunch of files written in Markdown and converts them into HTML files.

There is more to it though. After converting the Markdown into HTML, the whole thing is processed by the Jinja2 template engine. A lot can be done solely in the Jinja2 templates, but some steps in the conversion can be hooked into, by extending ssg. I test ssg on my blog, the engine is made by extensions to ssg, and Jinja2 templates.


The main Static Site generator executable is called `ssg`. This is a Python command line program.

Command line options

-d, --debug Print debug information.
-s, --site_url Set the site URL.
--write-all Write all files, instead of updating.
-r, --root Set the root directory of the site. Default is current directory.
-c, --create-site
 Create a directory skeleton and config file for a new site. Defaults to current directory.