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corner-cut library for alexa-skills on lambda

what's this ?

To cut the corner about developing alexa-skills, built on amazon-lambda using Go.

How to use

With using

first of all, run go get

and get this through go get


func main() {
	// create lambda handler
	h := alexa.NewLambdaHandler()

	// assign handler to request and intent
	h.HandleLaunch(func(alexa.RequestEnvelope) (alexa.ResponseEnvelope, error) {
		return alexa.EmptyResponse, alexa.ErrNoHandler
	h.HandleEnd(func(alexa.RequestEnvelope) (alexa.ResponseEnvelope, error) {
		return alexa.EmptyResponse, alexa.ErrNoHandler

	// assign intent handlers
	h.HandleIntent([]string{""}, func(alexa.RequestEnvelope) (alexa.ResponseEnvelope, error) {
		return alexa.EmptyResponse, alexa.ErrNoHandler


Ofcourse, you all should rewrite code above, each func return not-empty response struct.

Without using lambda-go

  • you can use this as you like,
  • you can use struct definitions in this repo,
  • you can use LambdaHandler with unmarshalling http.Request.Body