Fitbit Java Client API and Examples [DEPRECATED]
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Fitbit has decided to remove oauth 1 support soon, and this library will stop working. PLEASE DON'T USE IT!


This is intended fitbit stopped publishing their maven repository to github at snapshot 25, leaving their repo in a broken state.

Snapshots of fitbit4j will be published to starting with snapshot 26 (since everything before this is broken).

This repository will be synced and new snapshots published if fitit updates fitbit4j any time in the future.


This repository hosts the public Fitbit Java Client API and Examples project.

The Fitbit API Java Client library (Fitbit4J) is a complete solution to access all Fitbit API endpoints from your Java application. We have detailed walkthrough and best practice of using it on the Fitbit API wiki.

Source code for the Fitbit4J library available under the LGPL license, along with the complete source code for the Fitbit Example Java Application. You are welcome to pull the code, fork it and customize it for your own projects, and if you think you have changes applicable to the wider Fitbit API developer community, let us know, and we will look at pulling those changes back into the main repository. Our hope is to be able to respond to developer requests for bug fixes and feature enhancements more quickly.

The Fitbit Java client uses a significant amount of code from Twitter4J, the Java client for Twitter. If you have already used Twitter4J or any other client of an API service using OAuth authentication, your authentication code and flow using the Fitbit client will be similar.

Fitbit4J Required Open-Source Libraries

In addition to the standard Java runtime library, the Fitbit API Java Client library depends on the following third-party libraries:

Apache Commons Logging 1.1.1 Joda Time Library 1.5 JSON Java Library

Note. If you're using maven or Ivy, you can check out the gh-pages branch of the repository, where we are hosting a maven repository for the project.

Fitbit Example Java Application

You can find example of config file in /fitbit4j-example-client/src/main/resources/ You should rename it to and change properties if needed.

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