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Elm language syntax highlighting and tool integration for ST2/3
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The Sublime Elm Language Package


  1. Install Package Control
  2. Run Package Control: Install Package in the Command Palette (Super+Shift+P)
  3. Install Elm or use NPM (npm i -g elm)


  • Compatible with Sublime Text 2 and Sublime Text 3
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Two standard build commands (Super+[Shift]+B or Super+[Shift]+F7)
    1. Build just checks errors. Kudos to this tweet!
    2. Run additionally outputs your compiled program to an inferred path.
    3. Output path is configurable in elm-package.json or Elm Build System: … in the Command Palette. Elm build system only requires a valid config in any ancestor directory of the active file. compile messages screenshot
  • Compile messages
    1. Navigate errors and warnings (Super+[Shift]+F4).
    2. Formatted for build output panel.
    3. Compile message highlighting, embedded code highlighting, and color scheme for output panel. compile messages screenshot
  • Type hints for standard library functions
  • Integration with popular plugins (installed separately)
    1. SublimeREPL — Run elm-repl in an editor tab with syntax highlighting. SublimeREPL screenshot
    2. Highlight Build Errors — Does what it says on the box … usually.
    3. SideBarEnhancements — Open your compiled program in a configurable browser from the Command Palette.
    4. View In Browser — Same as above but compatible with ST2.


Don't know Elm? Great first step!

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