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Anarchy Linux

A distribution aimed at bringing the Linux revolution to the world.
Anarchy, quick, easy, and straight forward, "Keep it simple stupid".

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Anarchy Linux is an Arch-based distro providing a hassle-free pure installation and polished user experience. Bundled with the Anarchy ISO is a dialog installer that enables you to install from the CLI in semi graphical install mode. Simply boot up and type anarchy to invoke the installer script. Every aspect of the install is taken into account from partitioning and general system configuration, to installing your favorite DE/WM and additional software from the official Arch Linux repos.

The Anarchy installer is intended to provide both novice and experienced Linux users a simple and pain free way to install Arch Linux. Install when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it. That is the Anarchy philosophy.

The Anarchy ISO also contains a built-in Arch Wiki allowing users to browse the official Arch Linux Wiki from the CLI. Simply invoke the arch-wiki command at any time to search the Arch Wiki. Search args may be passed, e.g. arch-wiki beginners guide.

A utility to update and rank the latest Arch Linux mirrorlist is also included in the ISO. It can be invoked by running fetchmirrors. The install process for Anarchy is also 100% compatible with the information found in the install guide on the Arch Wiki.

Anarchy aims to provide a polished and pure Arch install while leaving open every possible configuration avenue for the user to choose from.

This ISO only contains support only for x86_64 (64 bit) systems.



Linux Kernels

  • Choose from base or base-devel Arch Linux install
  • Arch Linux kernel
  • Arch Linux Hardened kernel
  • LTS Linux kernel (long term support)
  • Zen Linux kernel

Partitioning Methods

  • Full drive automatic partitioning with optional SWAP partition
  • Full drive automatic partitioning with luks on LVM encryption for * root and tmp partition with optional encrypted SWAP partition
  • Manual partition (advanced users) uses cfdisk for partitioning select * custom mount points

DEs & WMs

  • Anarchy Cinnamon Edition (developers custom Cinnamon desktop)
  • Anarchy Gnome Edition (developers custom Gnome desktop)
  • Anarchy OpenboxWM Edition (developers custom Openbox desktop)
  • Anarchy XFCE4 Edition (developers custom Xfce4 desktop)
  • Anarchy Budgie Edition (developers custom Budgie desktop)
  • Awesome
  • Bspwm
  • Cinnamon
  • Deepin
  • Enlightenment
  • Fluxbox
  • Gnome
  • Gnome Flashback
  • i3WM
  • KDE/Plasma
  • LXDE
  • LXQT
  • Mate
  • Openbox
  • SwayWM
  • XFCE4
  • Xmonad

Graphics Drivers

  • ATI/AMD xf86-video-ati open source drivers
  • Intel xf86-video-intel open source drivers
  • NVIDIA: xf86-video-nouveau open source drivers
  • NVIDIA: Stable, 390xx, 340xx closed source drivers
  • VirtualBox Guest Utilities Drivers


  • Grub (Grand Unified Bootloader)
  • Syslinux (SysLinux Bootloader)
  • Systemd-boot (Systemd Bootloader)
  • Support for UEFI boot
  • OsProber (Dual-Boot Support)

Network Utilities

  • Netctl
  • NetworkManager + applet
  • WPA Supplicant
  • WPA ActionD
  • Wireless Tools

The installer also contains a long list of optional additional software (audio, games, browsers, media players, cli utils, text editors, servers, etc...) from the Official Arch repos.


You can find the latest version of Anarchy Linux on the Download page: