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This code was developed for the 2019 Canadian Engineering Competition, specifically the Programming category. Competitors this year were tasked with creating an artificial intelligence which controlled a specialized autonomous cleaner to clean a semi-formal eatery in an efficient manner. They clearly exemplified engineering principles, using collaborative solutions that focused on simplicity and ingenuity in addition to the overall performance. Dynamically calculating and crafting a solution to a simultaneous location and mapping problem is no easy feat, and all competitors showcased a unique solution that they should be proud of.

###How To Run

Navigate to this directory, then run npm install and then node main.js to start the code.

Use one of the tokens in order to interact with the program. More information can be found in the competition package. Replace with localhost:8081 in your API calls.

If you would like to switch to the presentation phase version, change the first line to var PRESENTATION_PHASE = true;. Then go to localhost:8081 in your web browser to see the visual representation.

Competitors at CEC 2019 completed this challenge without the use of a proper TOTAL_COUNT variable, relying on only their algorithms to make a good estimate as to whether or not they had cleaned the whole area. It has been fixed, but if you would like to disable it, change the second line to var SHOW_TOTAL_COUNT = false;.

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