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MQTT plugin for Ark Ecosystem
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MQTT plugin for Ark Ecosystem

MQTT plugin that broadcasts events to an MQTT broker. At the moment this plugin only broadcasts but might be extended with additional features as well as including an MQTT server so users won't have to run a separate MQTT broker.

If you have any feature requests don't forget to open an Issue.

❤️ Support maintenance and development of plugins

If you find this or other plugins useful please consider

  • voting for deadlock delegate
  • donating to AWtgFYbvtLDYccJvC5MChk4dpiUy2Krt2U

to support development new plugins and tools for Ark's Ecosystem and maintenance of existing ones. Full list of contributions can be found on https://arkdelegatesio/delegate/deadlock/. 🖖


For production:

yarn global add @deadlock-delegate/mqtt

For development:

You can run a development MQTT broker with this command if you have Docker installed:

docker run -it -p 1883:1883 -p 9001:9001 eclipse-mosquitto

cd ~/ark-core/plugins
git clone
cd .. && yarn setup

Registration & configuration

Open ~/.config/ark-core/{mainnet|devnet|testnet}/plugins.js and add '@deadlock/mqtt": {}, to the bottom of the config.

like so:

module.exports = {
    "@arkecosystem/core-snapshots": {},
    "@deadlock-delegate/mqtt": {
        enabled: true,  // default is false, to set it to true if you wish to enable the plugin
        events: ['block.forged', 'block.applied', 'transaction.applied'],  // events you wish to subscribe to
        topic: 'ark/events',  // the topic you wish to publish messages to
        mqttBroker: 'mqtt://localhost:1883'  // location of your MQTT broker



MIT © roks0n

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