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Plugin that allows you to subscribe and be notified about any events
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Ark Notifier Plugin

This plugin calls webhooks when a certain events occurs. You can use it to post alerts on Slack, Discord, send Emails/SMS or use whichever service that supports webhooks.



cd ~/ark-core/plugins
git clone
lerna bootstrap


Open ~/.config/ark-core/{mainnet|devnet|testnet}/plugins.js and add the following at the end (it has to be bellow p2p and api).

'@deadlock/notifier': {}

like so:

module.exports = {
  '@arkecosystem/core-event-emitter': {},
  '@arkecosystem/core-config': {},
  '@deadlock/notifier': {
    enabled: true,
    webhooks: [{
      endpoint: '',
      payload: {
        msg: 'content'
      events: ['', 'wallet.unvote', 'forger.missing']
    }, {
      endpoint: '',
      payload: {
        msg: 'text'
      events: ['', 'wallet.unvote', 'forger.missing']


  enabled: true,  // true/false if you want to enable/disable the plugin
  webhooks: [{
    endpoint: 'webhook endpoint url',
    payload: {
      msg: 'name of the message field eg. discord has "content", slack has "text"'
    events: ['list of events you want to subscribe to']

Events you can subscribe to

Handlers for unticked events haven't been implemented yet. Feel free to make a contribution.

  • wallet.unvote
  • forger.missing
  • forger.failed
  • forger.started
  • block.applied
  • block.forged
  • block.reverted
  • delegate.registered
  • delegate.resigned
  • peer.added
  • peer.removed
  • transaction.applied
  • transaction.expired
  • transaction.forged
  • transaction.reverted



MIT © roks0n

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