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#SingleInstance, Force
; The various browser tab titles that are used to launch a Zoom meeting.
browserWindowTitles := ["Launch Meeting - Zoom", "Post Attendee - Zoom"]
; Loop over each potential browser window title to match against.
for index, browserWindowTitle in browserWindowTitles
; If a browser tab to join a meeting exists.
if (WinExist(browserWindowTitle))
; Wait until the URL opened the Zoom app to join the meeting.
; Use regex to check for a few possible windows depending on the Zoom version being used.
; ZPPTMainFrmWndClassEx = The main Zoom application window.
; zWaitHostWndClass= The "Connecting..." Zoom window.
; ZPContentViewWndClass = The actual Zoom meeting window.
previousTitleMatchMode := A_TitleMatchMode
SetTitleMatchMode, RegEx
WinWait, ahk_class i)(ZPPTMainFrmWndClassEx)|(zWaitHostWndClass)|(ZPContentViewWndClass),,3
SetTitleMatchMode, %previousTitleMatchMode%
; If the browser tab still exists, close it.
if (WinExist(browserWindowTitle))
; Put the browser tab window in focus.
WinActivate, %browserWindowTitle%
; Close the browser tab (Ctrl + F4).
SendInput, ^{F4}
; If the main Zoom window is open, close it.
if (WinExist("ahk_class ZPPTMainFrmWndClassEx"))
WinClose, ahk_class ZPPTMainFrmWndClassEx
SetTimer, CloseZoomWindowsAfterJoiningAMeeting, 250