WAV utility for saving and loading wav files in Unity
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Wav Utility for Unity

WAV utility for recording and audio playback functions in Unity.


  • Use ToAudioClip method for loading wav file / bytes.
    • Loads .wav (PCM uncompressed) files at 8,16,24 and 32 bits and converts data to Unity's AudioClip.
    public AudioSource audioSource; // hook up with scene's AudioSource in Unity Editor inspector
    public void LoadWavFile (string filename)
      	string path = string.Format ("{0}/{1}", Application.persistentDataPath, filename);
      	AudioClip audioClip = WavUtility.ToAudioClip (path);
      	audioSource.clip = audioClip;
      	audioSource.Play ();
  • Use FromAudioClip method for saving wav file / bytes.
    • Converts an AudioClip's float data into wav byte array at 16 bit.
    private AudioClip audioClip;
    public int recordTime = 2; // no. of seconds can be set in Unity Editor inspector
    private const int sampleRate = 16000; // sample rate for recording speech
    public void RecordAudio ()
      	if (Microphone.devices.Length == 0) {
      		Debug.LogWarning ("No microphone found to record audio clip sample with.");
      	string mic = Microphone.devices [0];
      	audioClip = Microphone.Start (mic, false, recordTime, sampleRate);
    public string SaveWavFile ()
      	string filepath;
      	byte[] bytes = WavUtility.FromAudioClip (audioClip, out filepath, true);
      	return filepath;


By design the ToAudioClip method only supports loading wav files that are stored using Unity's Application data path (Application.persistentDataPath or Application.dataPath). In order to load bundled resources it would be better to use Unity's Resources.Load("filename") typeof(AudioClip) method.

If you need to load WAV files from a remote URL then use the UnityWebRequest.GetAudioClip method which uses the AudioClip download handler.

public void LoadAudio ()
  string url = "<WAV_FILE_URL>";
  StartCoroutine (LoadAudioURL (url));
public IEnumerator LoadAudioURL (string url)
  UnityWebRequest www = UnityWebRequest.GetAudioClip (url, AudioType.WAV);
  yield return www.Send ();
  if (www.isError) {
    Debug.LogWarning ("Audio error:" + www.error);
  } else {
    AudioClip audioClip = ((DownloadHandlerAudioClip)www.downloadHandler).audioClip;
    audioSource.clip = audioClip;
    audioSource.Play ();

Version history

  • 1.0 beta 1
    • Unity AudioClip to 16 bit wav file / bytes converter.
    • 8, 16, 24 or 32 bit PCM (uncompressed) wav file / bytes to Unity AudioClip converter.

Related info

Wav file formatting based on specs detailed in following articles:

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