Update contents of an iOS (IPA) and deploy app to device.
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Hotwire IPA

A time saving script which enables you to use a prebuilt *.ipa archive and repackage it with new files to test quicker on device.

Usage examples

sh hotwire-ipa.sh -f ~/Desktop/App.ipa -d "www" -p ~/Sites/www

sh hotwire-ipa.sh -f ~/Desktop/App.ipa -c "iPhone Developer: Your Name (XXXXXXXXXX)" -d "www" -p ~/Sites/www -b ~/Cordova/app/platforms/ios/www -i


params arg description
-f path path to *.ipa archive
-d dir dir to delete inside app
-p dir dir to copy in place
-b dir dir to copy cordova build plugins and javascripts
-c string valid certificate code sign identity
-m path path to *.mobileprovision profile
switches description
-i install as *.ipa (faster install time for an app with many files)
-q no debugging
-z reuse unzipped 'Payload' dir


Install ios-deploy using Node.js package manager

npm install -g ios-deploy

Install ideviceinstaller using Homebrew

brew install ideviceinstaller

NB: To enable automatic launch of *.ipa to device you will also need to install idevice-app-runner and add it to your $PATH.

Creating the developer *.ipa archive

  1. In Xcode select Device as build target

    Select device

  2. Select Product > Archive


  3. Click 'Export'


  4. Export options: 'Save for Development Deployment'

    Save for development

  5. Device support options

    Export app

  6. Bitcode options

    Bitcode Options

  7. Reveal *.ipa file in Finder

    Bitcode Options

Provisioning Profile

The *.mobileprovisioning profile can be changed in order to match your signing identity. Mobile Provisioning Profiles can be downloaded directly from iTunes Connect or found in Finder using 'Go > Go to Folder' or shift+command+G using path ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles.


Use this script at your own risk - but it works on my machine!