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Jared Grippe and others added some commits Jun 27, 2012
Jared Grippe fixed a case where test runs look running when they're not 4a711ae
Ali Faiz and Chase Stubblefield update Capfile with a plethora of commands. add capistrano related ge…
…ms to Gemfile
Ali Faiz and Chase Stubblefield Added list of Private/Public hostnames to make it easier to correlate…
… workers
Ali Faiz and Chase Stubblefield Set retries to 3. Add more cap tasks. Add Gemfile.lock 3639290
Erik Ogan and Thomas Shafer remove duplicate require of hobson/version 826cb0a
Erik Ogan and Thomas Shafer Added encoding into hobson config and more importantly default to UTF-8 17a811a
Charles Finkel and Jared Grippe commented out Encoding.default_internal in Hobson.reset_encoding! bec…
…uase it breaks haml now ::shrug::
@kylev kylev Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 1ceb99c
Thomas Shafer Fixed grammar 985ed80
Charles Finkel ignore .idea bd595e4
Charles Finkel adding unicorn. default config with 4 unicorn workers 0536e99
Charles Finkel Merge branch 'sane' 94d520c
Charles Finkel cache test run show page b69c2c0
Charles Finkel ignore projects 117278f
Charles Finkel Merge branch 'cache_show_page' 7efa39b
Charles Finkel add expiration to testrun show page caches 196a384
Charles Finkel remove debug lines 75c1c14
Charles Finkel and Chase Stubblefield remove auto refresh from runlist show and list pages 0dcdbfb
@chasetopher chasetopher Added page for viewing flaky test metrics aa72029
@chasetopher chasetopher Integrate util scripts into hobson e4ce97f
@kylev kylev rip out redis-slave 82b9b09
@chasetopher chasetopher Use fork of example_hobson_project 8325b50
@chasetopher chasetopher Fix encoding 1978687
@chasetopher chasetopher Remove selector with no styles 25cf23a
@chasetopher chasetopher Remove unused require 7fa289f
@chasetopher chasetopher Remove unnecessary method 89489de
@chasetopher chasetopher Rename improperly named scenarios ec3015f
@chasetopher chasetopher Do pending specs 5176aa7
@chasetopher chasetopher Fix intermittent 404 with requesting public_url from AWS immediately …
…after creating a file
@chasetopher chasetopher File cleanup:
Moved config files to one location
Removed unused Capfile
Moved init.d, monit, redis, and unicorn configs to cookbook
@chasetopher chasetopher Bump ruby version to ruby-1.9.3-p374 5c0098e
@chasetopher chasetopher Gem cleanup:
remove gemspec
don't gem install bundler, list it as dependency
add spec task to Rakefile and use that in travis
remove bundler/setup from hobson bin
remove unused gems: SystemTimer, childprocess, json, simplecov
@chasetopher chasetopher Supply number of workers to 'hobson-util up' command 807a8f3
@chasetopher chasetopher Modify shutdown servers command to take an integer n, and kills enoug…
…h workers so that n are left.
@chasetopher chasetopher clone quietly 7cf79db
@chasetopher chasetopher Use until because it's awesome fb0008f
@chasetopher chasetopher When shutting down to n workers, keep the newest instances and kill t…
…he oldest
@chasetopher chasetopher Created new ami that already has some of this setup 452afc7
@jimmycuadra jimmycuadra Use HTTPS version of RubyGems. 8e5d46c
@chasetopher chasetopher Gemfile.lock from using HTTPS rubygems 27afc5d
@chasetopher chasetopher Fix audit/pause/stop workers commands 9d9e083
@chasetopher chasetopher Had this option switched around e866415
@chasetopher chasetopher Change servers:down to also terminate hobson instances that aren't in…
… resque for whatever reason
Charles Finkel on_error hook 9d356c2
@jimmycuadra jimmycuadra Merge pull request #1 from change/on_error
on_error hook
Charles Finkel and Chase Stubblefield update hobson util servers to destroy all then recreate n d2e1d68
Charles Finkel upgrade ami with updates hobson. this hobson adds a hook for errors 9e0c1f3
@chasetopher chasetopher Remove sensitive info (maybe a good idea to cycle these keys) f40c69a
Charles Finkel and Chase Stubblefield raise exception from exception handling code 8c1e99d
Charles Finkel remove annoying fork-me thing that blocks top link on flaky test page 3901b7b
@charleseff charleseff closed this Feb 27, 2013

@charleseff whats up with this?

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