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chowchow: good food fast.

Ever go to search for food in your favorite food-finding app, only to get bogged down in choices? You were hungry, but now it's 30 minutes later and you're still comparing options that all look which to pick before you starve to death?

This is the problem chowchow attempts to solve, with the potential for social good tossed in. Here's how:

  • Obtain your location via geolocation
  • Search Yelp's API for restauraunts
  • Ensure choices meet basic criteria (open now, sorted by rating, etc.)
  • Optional: Adjust choices based on user input (price range, distance, etc.)
  • Randomly select one choice from "Top 5"
  • Display business details and quick links to route/call
  • If random choice sucks, display list of remaining choices

This is starting as a webapp, with a (hopefully) mobile-friendly interface. In time, I hope to make iOS/Android versions.


Make sure Docker's installed, clone this repo, then simply:

make build # build docker image
make run # run chowchow container

The app will be running on localhost:3000, and container is running nodemon for auto-restarts.

You will need to setup an account to get a Yelp API key, and export API_KEY="yourkeygoeshere..." to be able to do much.


Make sure the Heroku CLI is installed.

From the Heroku console, under Settings > Config Variables add entries for:

SECRET # express-session secret key
API_KEY # Yelp API key

How to get a Yelp API key?

Commits to master are auto-deployed.

In the News

If you're laughing right now thinking this is completely useless, touche! Perhaps it was just an excuse to write some blogs.


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