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Simple API client for Dead Man's Snitch

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Snitches get Stitches


To check in for one of your snitches:


You also may provide a message with the check in:

Snitcher.snitch("c2354d53d2", message: "Finished in 23.8 seconds.")

Errors can be reported by providing the status option. A status of nil, 0, or "" are all considered a success. Any other status is treated as a failure.

Snitcher.snitch("c2354d53d2", status: 1)

The default timeout of 5 seconds can be overridden:

Snitcher.snitch("c2354d53d2", timeout: 10)

API Access


Initialize the API client directly with your api key:

require "snitcher/api"

client ="my_awesome_key")


Dead Man's Snitch exposes the DEADMANSSNITCH_API_KEY environment variable for accessing the API.

require "snitcher/api"


Listing Snitches


Returns an array of Snitches.

Retrieve a Single Snitch

token = "c2354d53d2"

Returns a Snitch.

Retrieve Snitches That Match a Set of Tags

client.snitches(tags: ["critical", "sales"])

Returns an array of Snitches.

Create a Snitch

Both :name and :interval are required. Optional attributes include :notes, and :tags. For a full list see the API documentation.

attributes = {
  name: "Nightly User Data Backups",
  interval: "daily",
  notes: "User login and usage data",
  tags: ["users", "critical"],

Returns the newly-created Snitch.

Updating a Snitch

You only need to pass the update_snitch function the attributes you want to change. The rest of a Snitch's attributes will remain the same.

token = "c2354d53d2"
attrs = { "name": "Important Nightly User Data Backups" }
client.update_snitch(token, attrs)

Returns the edited Snitch.

Adding Tags to a Snitch

This function adds tags to a Snitch, retaining whatever tags it already has.

token = "c2354d53d2"
tags  = ["spring_campaign", "support"]
client.add_tags(token, tags)

Returns an array of all of the Snitch's tags.

Deleting a Tag From a Snitch

This function is for deleting a single tag from a Snitch.

token = "c2354d53d2"
tag = "support"
client.remove_tag(token, tag)

Returns an array of all of the Snitch's remaining tags.

Setting the Tags on a Snitch

token = "c2354d53d2"
client.update_snitch(token, tags: [ "production", "critical" ])

Removing all Tags from a Snitch

token = "c2354d53d2"
client.update_snitch(token, tags: [])

Pause a Snitch

token = "c2354d53d2"

Returns a nil object.

Delete a Snitch

token = "c2354d53d2"

Returns a nil object.


Snitcher is open source and contributions from the community are encouraged! No contribution is too small. Please consider:

  • adding features
  • squashing bugs
  • updating documentation
  • fixing typos

For the best chance of having your changes merged, please:

  1. fork the project
  2. push your changes, with tests
  3. submit a pull request with at least one animated GIF


A big thank you to Randy Schmidt for dreaming up Dead Man's Snitch in the first place and for entrusting its future to Collective Idea.


See LICENSE.txt for details.