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Welcome to the flying_robot wiki!

You will need some Arduino-based hardware. The simplest and least expensive way is to get a Blimpduino kit from DIYDrones.com. At the very least, you will need something just to prototype with, and execute the code on. There are a number of other options ranging from the Arduino Duemilanove, like this one from Sparkfun., to the minimalist Dorkboard like this one that we used in Rogue 1, from Wulfden.

sudo gem install rad sudo gem install deadprogrammer-flying_robot

First, you need to create a RAD project
rad myuav

Next, you need to add the flying_robot code to your RAD project
flying_robot myuav

This will replace your main sketch, which would be named “myuav.rb” in this example. Go ahead and allow this replacement, when setting up your project for the first time.

Now you are ready to upload the sketch to your test Arduino hardware. Make sure the Arduino is connected to your computer, then
rake make:upload

The sketch should be uploaded to your hardware. You can now test the basic sketch by connecting to it via serial/USB.

On OSX, for example:
screen <name of your port> 9600

You should be able to test that the sketch responds to the basic flying_robot command set.


Source code for a complete Blimpduino implementation based on flying_robot is at http://github.com/deadprogrammer/flying_robot_blimpduino/tree/master

Source code for “Rogue 1” blimp demoed at LARubyConf… this is a complete, working UAV based on flying robot

Source for “Mercury” Shoes application used to communicate with flying_robot

Source for “Houston” Arduino-powered flight control joystick that supports flying_robot protocol http://github.com/deadprogrammer/houston/tree/master

Blog postings about flying_robot on Dead Programmer Society http://deadprogrammersociety.blogspot.com/search/label/flying robot

Google group for mutual support http://groups.google.com/group/flyingrobot