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Welcome to the RailsConf 2010 Music Jam wiki!

Our 3rd annual jam session, and this year, it is official. We have a time and place on the schedule. Oh yeah!


Come make some music with your Ruby friends! Bring your ax, your voice, or just show up.

Thanks to sponsor The Hybrid Group we will have rental instruments (guitars, bass, and drums), so come and join the fun.

Use this wiki to list your name, what instrument you might be bringing (or hope that someone else will), and some of the songs you would like to share.

See you there!

Joe Alba – @joealba
I’ve been playing guitar for 23 years, and I’m in for playing anything — and I can only sing after an appropriate number of beers. I’m flying in from RI, so I can’t easily bring a guitar and amp. But I’d gladly pitch in for a rental.

Jesse Newland – @jnewland
Drummms. I’m pretty proficient on a set and can jam along to whatever time signature everyone is feeling!

Kevin Barnes – @vinbarnes
Would love to participate. Play guitar somewhat proficiently — if it’s blues or a song I know. Looking forward to it.

Alex Sharp – @ajsharp
Also a drummer. I’ll be there; sounds like an awesome time!

Hudson Gevaert – @__hudson__
This sounds like a fun event to check out. I can play along on guitar or bass.

Diego Scataglini – @_sc
I’ll be bringing an electric guitar and 5W amp.

Jonathan Budar-Danoff – @jmb_d
I’ll be there with my Michael Kelly Dragonfly acoustic/electric bass. I’m mostly a I-IV-V level player, and if I don’t really know the song it regresses mostly to I… but I still enjoy it. I was at the Railsconf 2008 Music Jam, without instrument, yet still had a blast hanging out with talented musical folks like Ron, Jim Weirich, etc.

Benjamin Ortega – @substars
A bit limited instrument-wise due to a recent shoulder injury, but I’ll come hang out and see what I can contribute.

Joe Sak – @joemsak
Drummer for 7 years, used to improving with new musicians, can keep up. Would love to jam for a bit!