A way of getting some OF2 icons into omnifocus



I like the look of OmniFocus 2 but it's not ready for everyday use so I decided to make a theme for OF1 with the renewed look.

It's a theme that comes with a small script to copy some icons into the resources of OmniFocus 1.

It looks like this:



At the command line (Terminal or iTerm), type:

git clone https://github.com/deadsunrise/Omnifocus-modernize-theme.git 
cd Omnifocus-modernize-theme
sh ./install.sh

When prompted, click "Replace" to apply the them, and restart OmniFocus.

If you get an error "File install.sh is not executable" or similar, then type

chmod a+x ./install.sh

To go back to the original version

cd Omnifocus-modernize-theme
sh ./uninstall.sh


By default, the script assumes that OmniFocus is installed in /Applications/OmniFocus.app. This can be configured in line 3 of install.sh and uninstall.sh.

Icons taken from OF2 beta. I hope that OmniGroup doesn't mind because they can also be found in public screenshots.