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Slime completion source for Emacs auto-complete package

This plugin provides a completion source for the popular Emacs
interactive auto-completion framework "auto-complete"

Where slime provides it, pop-up documentation for completed symbols
will be displayed.


You must have auto-complete installed and enabled in Slime source
buffers, if not globally. Then, ensure ac-slime.el is in a directory
on your load-path.

After calling (require 'ac-slime), two AC sources will be defined,
namely ac-source-slime-simple and ac-source-slime-fuzzy. Simply add
one of these to your ac-sources list for lisp source buffers.

For convenience, the function set-up-slime-ac can be used to modify your
ac-sources list:

(add-hook 'slime-mode-hook 'set-up-slime-ac)

For more complete set-up code, see the documentation in ac-slime.el.

To use fuzzy completion, you must install and require slime-fuzzy.el,
which comes with the full Slime distro, but not the version in ELPA.