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@@ -6,6 +6,15 @@ protocol]( in (as po
write [cucumber]( features, and write lisp code to execute
your steps.
+Using clucumber
+First, install the clucumber gem via rubygems:
+ gem install clucumber
+On the lisp side, clucumber depends on cl-interpol, cl-ppcre, trivial-backtrace, usocket and st-json. All of these are available in clbuild, and I recommend you use this to manage your lisp libraries.
Getting started
@@ -21,11 +30,9 @@ Files in support and step_definitions/ are loaded (not file-compiled)
in alphabetical order, with support/ files being loaded before step
-Running tests
-In your `features/support/env.rb`, you load the clucumber.rb included in this distribution. Then, you run something like this:
+In your `features/support/env.rb`, you use something like this:
+ require 'clucumber'
@main_clucumber ="../", File.dirname(__FILE__)),
:port => 42428)
@@ -46,9 +53,6 @@ Then, on the command line, you run cucumber:
$ cucumber
-And you watch the lines zip by.
-That should be all (-:
+And you watch the green or yellow lines zip by.
-Over the next few days, I hope to fill out the test suite with more
-interesting examples that you can use as a reference.
+To see an example of a test suite that uses clucumber, see [the features directory in cl-beanstalk]( It comes with steps defined in ruby and Common Lisp.

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