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Example Grafana dashboard for Hunchentoot on SBCL:

Prometheus + Grafan + SBCL + Hunchentoot

You can get this dashboard here.

NOTE: Quantile estimator system used by summary is yet to be included in Quicklisp. Please download manually:

Example Quick Start

Currently example uses Linux and SBCL specific collectors.

(ql:quickload :prometheus.example)

You can override app/exporter host/port in prometheus.example:run arguments. To stop example app call prometheus.example:stop

Metric Types

  • Counter
  • Int Counter (can only work with unsigned int64)
  • Gauge
  • Histogram
  • Simple Summary (without quantiles)
  • Summary (with quantiles)

Custom collectors

SBCL runtime information

  • Threads
  • Memory

Process information

  • Open fds count
  • Max fds count
  • Virtual memory bytes
  • Resident memory bytes
  • Process CPU seconds{stime|utime} (total)
  • Process start time (Unix epoch)
  • Process uptime

Linux? only

Performance / Optimization


On SBCL counter can use CAS. On SBCL int counter can use atomic-incf.

Benchmark (30 threads each doing 100000

Method Avg inc n/s
Mutex 7885
CAS (SBCL) 1902


On SBCL gauge can use CAS.

Benchmark (30 threads each doing 100000 gauge.set):

Method Avg set n/s
Mutex 9618
CAS (SBCL) 2204




Hunchentoot exposer plus SBCL metrics.

(defclass my-acceptor (prom.tbnl::hunchentoot-exposer tbnl:acceptor)
(tbnl:start (make-instance 'my-acceptor :address "" :port 9101))

will produce something like this:

SBCL Dashboard

Effect of (sb-ext:gc) can be seen clearly.