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Elixir client based on Prometheus.erl.

@skosch dashboard

Dashboard from Monitoring Elixir apps in 2016: Prometheus and Grafana by @skosch.

  • IRC: #elixir-lang on Freenode;
  • Slack: #prometheus channel - Browser or App(slack://


defmodule ExampleInstrumenter do
  use Prometheus.Metric

  def setup do[name: :http_request_duration_milliseconds,
                   labels: [:method],
                   buckets: [100, 300, 500, 750, 1000],
                   help: "Http Request execution time"])

  def instrument(%{time: time, method: method}) do
    Histogram.observe([name: :http_request_duration_milliseconds, labels: [method]], time)

Integrations / Collectors / Instrumenters


Available in Hex, the package can be installed as:

  1. Add prometheus_ex to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

    def deps do
      [{:prometheus_ex, "~> 1.1.0"}]
  2. Ensure prometheus_ex is started before your application:

    def application do
      [applications: [:prometheus_ex]]