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Required packages

Please install these packages before moving to next step. Below is a reference list for Debian-based distributions. Reference build system is Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 amd64.

subversion git-core gcc g++ make gawk bison flex bzip2 netpbm autoconf automake libx11-dev libxext-dev libc6-dev liblzo2-dev libxxf86vm-dev libpng-dev gcc-multilib libsdl1.2-dev byacc python-mako python3-mako libxcursor-dev cmake genisoimage libjpeg-dev

Clone & build

$ mkdir myrepo
$ cd myrepo
$ git clone AROS
$ cd AROS
$ git checkout alt-runtime
$ cd ..
$ cp ./AROS/scripts/ .
$ ./

Proceed to build selection below


  1. Select alt-runtimelinux-x86_64 (DEBUG)

Runtime binaries available in


Validating build

Build Wanderer

$ cd alt-runtimelinux-x86_64-d
$ make workbench-system-wanderer

Configure setup

$ mkdir ~/.axrt/
$ mkdir -p ~/.axrt/Prefs/Presets/Themes
$ cp -r ../AROS/arch/all-runtimelinux/boot/deb/libaxrt/UserSYS/* ~/.axrt/
$ cp -r ../AROS/images/Themes/pixblue ~/.axrt/Prefs/Presets/Themes
$ export AXRT_ROOT=<myrepo-absolute-path>/alt-runtimelinux-x86_64-d/bin/runtimelinux-x86_64/AROS

Copy loader

$ cd bin/runtimelinux-x86_64/AROS/System/Wanderer
$ cp ../../Development/lib/ .

Start Wanderer

$ ./Wanderer