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CadenceML is a generalized, machine-readable, human-friendly format (based on YAML) for describing outreach cadences for salespeople, customer success managers, and other teams that need to reach people on a predefined schedule.

The CadenceML format

# Example CadenceML file
# Any text following a # are comments and can be ignored.
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Start with a nickname for the cadence
  # Indicate which days constitute the "business week." In most cases M-F is
  # the default and can be omitted. 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, etc.
  eligible_days: [2, 3, 4, 5] # Skip Mondays
  # For `holiday_region` use a region code from
  # or use "none"
  # to disable regional holidays
  holiday_region: us
  # You can also specify additional holidays that may not be traditionally
  # observed in your region. Use a custom list of readily parseable dates like
  # "Dec 20, 2016" which will get added on top of regional holidays.
    - "Mar 14, 2017" # Pi day
    1: # The first day of the cadence—potentially today if it's a business day
        # Allowed values for `channel` are: `call`, `meeting`, `task`,
        # `deadline`, `email`, `social`
      - channel: email
        title: Intro email
        notes: Short and sweet email looking for a referral
      - channel: call
        title: Intro call
        notes: Leave a voicemail if no answer
      - channel: call
        title: Day 2 follow-up call
        notes: Don't leave a voicemail
      - channel: call
        title: Day 3 (AM) follow-up call
        notes: Don't leave a voicemail
      - channel: call
        title: Day 3 (PM) follow-up call
        notes: Leave a voicemail
      - channel: email
        title: Follow-up email
        notes: Try something funny?
    # Nothing on days 5 and 6
      - channel: email
        title: Breakup email
        notes: This is it!
# You can define multiple cadences in a single file like so:
  # ...


We have collected many popular cadences in the CadenceML format at the Dealbot cadence library.

Tools that use CadenceML

  • Dealbot: Open-source sales automation for Pipedrive

Do you mantain a tool that uses CadenceML? Please open a Pull Request to add it to the list!


We're actively seeking refinements to the format that 1) make it more broadly applicable and 2) clarify ambiguities. We're considerably more hesitant with backwards-incompatible changes.

Please do not contribute specific cadences here, although they're gladly accepted at the Dealbot cadence library!

To contribute

Simply make your proposed change to this README and submit a Pull Request.

Brought to you by Faraday


Faraday is a beautiful, map-driven customer outreach and analytics platform. Visualize your customers and explore hundreds of built-in household level attributes. Build audiences of customers, leads, and brand new prospects, then reach them online and off.

Faraday started the Dealbot project to share the open-source sales automation system we built on top of Pipedrive. Having a universal way to describe our cadences was a key prerequisite for this project, so we created CadenceML.


A simple data serialization format for sales cadences, based on YAML



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