Dealbot Cadence Library: common sales cadences described in CadenceML
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Dealbot Cadence Library

The Dealbot Cadence Library (DCL) is a collection of precisely defined outreach schedules in CadenceML format for salespeople, customer success teams, and others who want to enforce a rigorous contact rhythm.

Cadences in the library

  • 7x7 — the classic original from SalesLoft
  • 5x11 — slower pace and a social step for bigger-ticket sales perfected by Faraday's Scott Pellegrini

Have you discovered a cadence you'd like to share? See the "Contributing" section below.

Tools that use the DCL

  • Dealbot: Open-source sales automation for Pipedrive

Do you mantain a tool that uses these cadences? Please open a Pull Request to add it to the list!


We're actively seeking to add well-defined cadences to the DCL. We prefer cadences that are published elsewhere, even simply on a blog.

To contribute

Add a file for your cadence and submit a Pull Request.

Brought to you by Faraday


Faraday is a beautiful, map-driven customer outreach and analytics platform. Visualize your customers and explore hundreds of built-in household level attributes. Build audiences of customers, leads, and brand new prospects, then reach them online and off.

Faraday started the Dealbot project to share the open-source sales automation system we built on top of Pipedrive. Gathering a variety of useful cadences was an important first step, so we created the DCL.