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#!/usr/bin/env python
import lldb
def process(debugger, command, result, internal_dict):
func $hasAmbiguity(view: UIView) -> Bool {
var hasAmbiguity = false
if view.hasAmbiguousLayout() {
print("[AMBIGUITY LAYOUT] \(view)")
hasAmbiguity = true
view.subviews.forEach { subview in
if $hasAmbiguity(subview) {
hasAmbiguity = true
return hasAmbiguity
func $exerciseAmbiguityInLayoutRepeatedly(view:UIView) {
if $hasAmbiguity(view) {
print("!!! found ambigurous layout: \(view)")
target: view,
selector: #selector(UIView.exerciseAmbiguityInLayout),
userInfo: nil,
repeats: true)
view.subviews.forEach { subview in
evaluateExpressionValue('$exerciseAmbiguityInLayoutRepeatedly(' + command + ')')
def __lldb_init_module(debugger,internal_dict):
debugger.HandleCommand("command script add -f ambigurous_layout.process ambigurous_layout")
print "ambigurous_layout command enabled."
def evaluateExpressionValue(expression):
frame = lldb.debugger.GetSelectedTarget().GetProcess().GetSelectedThread().GetSelectedFrame()
options = lldb.SBExpressionOptions()
value = frame.EvaluateExpression(expression, options)
error = value.GetError()
if error.Fail():
# When evaluating a `void` expression, the returned value has an error code named kNoResult.
# This is not an error that should be printed. This follows what the built in `expression` command does.
# See: (UserExpression.h)
kNoResult = 0x1001
if error.GetError() != kNoResult:
print error
return value