deal.II version 8.3.0

@tjhei tjhei released this Aug 2, 2015 · 5347 commits to master since this release

The major changes of this release are:

  • Improved handling of parallel distributed meshes, including a better numbering of cells on coarse meshes based on a hierarchical concept instead of Cuthill-McKee numbering.
  • New abstract C++11 interface to linear operators.
  • All examples have been changed to use the new DynamicSparsityPattern.
  • Improved support for periodic boundary conditions with arbitrary orientations.
  • New quadrature formulas.
  • Full conversion to the new manifold mechanism (manifold_id) for boundary descriptions.
  • Better support for complex-valued problems by doing internal arithmetic in the correct data types, rather than defaulting to double precision.
  • An implementation of Bernstein polynomial-based finite elements.
  • Interface to the new algebraic multilevel package MueLu of the Trilinos project.
  • More descriptive exception messages in many places for improved user productivity in code development.
  • More than 140 other features and bugfixes.

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