deal.II version 8.4.0

@tjhei tjhei released this Mar 11, 2016 · 3090 commits to master since this release

The major changes of this release are:

  • Parallel triangulations can now be partitioned in ways that allow weighting cells differently.
  • Improved support for complex numbers throughout the library.
  • A new triangulation type that supports parallel computations but ensures that the entire mesh is available on every processor.
  • An implementation of the Rannacher-Turek element, as well as an element that extends the usual Q(p) elements by bubble functions.
  • Second and third derivatives of finite element fields are now computed exactly.
  • The interface between finite elements, quadrature, mapping, and the FEValues class has been rewritten. It is now much better documented.
  • Initial support for compiling with Visual C++ 2013 and 2015 under Windows has been added.
  • Where possible, the 'gold' linker is used, dramatically speeding up linking
  • More than 140 other features and bugfixes.

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