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Welcome to the deal.II wiki! This wiki collects explanations and advice for many topics, in particular installation support, guidelines for contributions, FAQs, etc.

At several places, the wiki refers to pages on

In case you have questions, contact the deal.II mailing list.

Overview of main topics spanned by the deal.II wiki:


Getting used to deal.II:



Publishing and literature:


Scripts and Tips & Tricks:

Cubit, High-order visualization with Paraview, Matlab, Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector, Function Plotting Tool


DoF Handler, Electromagnetic problem, Tensor product structures for polynomials and quadrature, White papers

On generating and editing pages for this wiki

Due to limitations with Github's wiki implementation, the table of contents for each individual page is manually generated. In particular, the shell script at

(with a little postprocessing) generated the FAQ table of contents. If you add new entries, then please also update the table of contents accordingly.

Step by step on how to update the TOC:

git clone
cd github-markdown-toc

and replace the TOC with the output.